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At Own Property Abroad, we strive to share the joy of owning property abroad with everyone. We firmly believe that owning property abroad not only adds value to one’s life with its grandeur but also provides financial independence through passive income generation.

We understand that navigating the global real estate market can be overwhelming, especially for new buyers. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering invaluable price data to all, regardless of their background or expertise. We have a vast collection of property prices from all cities and regions in different countries, highlighting our commitment to providing the necessary tools for informed decision-making.

What do we offer?

  1. Price per square meter: Discover the going rate for different property types in your city of interest. Whether you’re looking at apartments in the city center or suburban homes, we’ve got the data.

  2. Land size prices: Interested in buying a plot of land? Find out how much different sizes of land cost in various cities.

  3. Historic prices: Take a trip down memory lane and see how property prices have evolved over the years. This section provides a valuable perspective on the real estate market’s growth and fluctuations.

  4. Evaluation over time: Get a holistic view of the property market’s health. Our evaluations provide insights into trends, potential growth areas, and more.

Dive in and explore the world of real estate prices.

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