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How to buy a house online: Complete guide for foreigners

buy a house online

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In our increasingly digital world, navigating the online marketplace has become necessary, especially when dealing with significant investments like purchasing a home. This process can seem difficult for foreigners looking to buy a house in another country, filled with legal, financial, and linguistic hurdles. However, securing your dream home abroad can be a smooth and rewarding journey with the right approach and information. In this article, we will guide you on how to buy a house online.

Can you buy a house online?

The digital era has made purchasing a house online accessible to everyone, not just seasoned investors but also typical homebuyers. Because of the pandemic’s drive for remote work, people are increasingly more willing to purchase homes in locations remote from their places of employment, frequently without making an in-person visit. This shift has led to a more adaptable real estate industry, with agents and lenders enhancing their online services to make the buying process resemble the traditional one as closely as possible.

Many digital resources now support foreigners through their homebuying process, simplifying the steps to buy a house online. However, while the option to purchase a home online is available and convenient, buyers need to consider if it truly fits their circumstances.

How to buy a house remotely in 8 steps

Buying a house without being physically present might seem difficult initially, but with the rise of digital technology, remote home buying has become increasingly more manageable and common. Here are eight steps on how to buy a house remotely:

Step 1: Begin your search online

Buying a house remotely begins with scouting for the perfect neighborhood. The digital era simplifies this initial phase, utilizing internet resources to narrow down areas that meet your desired criteria for a home and its environment.

Step 2: Understand the market dynamics

A deep dive into online listing services or consulting with a real estate agent can provide valuable insights into whether the market suits your preferences to purchase a home online. Tools like Google Earth further help buyers by offering a virtual exploration of the area, including insights into the topography and satellite imagery of properties.

Step 3: Secure a mortgage preapproval online

Identifying your budget through mortgage preapproval is a significant step toward home ownership. For a smoother process of buying a house remotely, opt for a lender acquainted with your target area’s market and leverage digital platforms for completing preapproval documents online.

Step 4: Partner with a trusted real estate agent

The role of a real estate agent becomes more important when looking to buy a house online. The agent becomes your eyes and ears on the ground, guiding you through virtual tours of prospective homes and leveraging their expertise to navigate the market on your behalf.

Step 5: Virtual home shopping

Your real estate agent will create a list of potential homes that meet your criteria, enabling you to experience virtual tours. This innovative approach allows you to explore properties thoroughly, regardless of location.

Step 6: Make a competitive offer

Navigating the offer process remotely might seem difficult, given the competition with local buyers and the negotiation difficulties. However, a seasoned agent familiar with the local market can efficiently manage negotiations and adjustments, guiding you through this challenging step to buy a house online.

Step 7: Navigate the due diligence period

Accepting your offer starts the due diligence period, a critical time for paperwork and verifications handled remotely. This phase covers the comprehensive mortgage application process and crucial property documentation to ensure a transparent and fair deal.

Step 8: Finalize the transaction

Modern technology makes it easier to complete the transaction from a distance and to sign important paperwork digitally. After the necessary documents are completed and payments are made, the house is legally yours.

buying a house remotely

Can you close on a house remotely?

Closing on a house remotely has revolutionized the process of conducting real estate transactions by enabling them to be finalized digitally. This method is legal in states that recognize remote closing in real estate, allowing buyers and those wishing to refinance their mortgages to complete this process easily. Through closing on a house remotely, the verification of identities and the electronic signing of documents occur online, allowing participants to handle the requirements from any location, be it their home or office.

The entire process of purchasing a home online often utilizes eMortgages, which are digital counterparts of traditional mortgage documents created, signed, and managed electronically. Consequently, if remote closing in real estate is permitted in your state, you can seamlessly close on your home loan or refinance your mortgage without needing a physical meeting.

How to find real estate for sale remotely?

Finding real estate for sale remotely has been simplified with technological progress. Start your search by utilizing trusted online marketplaces such as Own Property Abroad, Zillow,, or Redfin, which grant access to extensive listings in your desired area, complete with detailed filters for price, size, and specific amenities, alongside high-quality photographs and virtual tours. Setting up notifications for new listings to purchase a home online on these sites can keep you well informed. 

Hiring a local real estate agent can provide additional advantages when finding remote real estate for sale. They can offer personal insights into the market, coordinate remote viewings, and manage initial assessments. Additionally, using Google Maps to buy a house online for a virtual neighborhood walkthrough and exploring local community forums or social networks can give you a raw perspective on the local lifestyle and facilities. These approaches streamline finding remote real estate for sale, making it more manageable and effective.

What you should know about remote real estate investing

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to mean staying close to home. With a remote investment strategy, you can capitalize on a broader range of opportunities, often leading to greater returns. Here is what you should know about remote real estate investing:

  1. Modern tools allow you to purchase a home online and manage properties from afar.
  2. When you are not physically present, selecting the right investment approach to buy a house online is critical.
  3. Gather a trusted group of local professionals to support your investment.
  4. Consider treating your property mainly as an investment.
  5. Transitioning from homebuyer thinking to investor strategy is essential for making objectives and financially driven decisions to buy a house online.

Buy a house online with Own Property Abroad

Are you looking to buy a house online anywhere in the world? Own Property Abroad is here to assist you and ensure a seamless, hassle-free property journey. With our extensive knowledge and local expertise in global real estate markets, we can help with legal requirements, find suitable properties, negotiate the best deals, and conduct thorough due diligence—all from the comfort of your home.

Our expert team will guide you through the complexities of buying property online worldwide, so you won’t have to navigate it alone. For more information on how we can assist you, please drop your details below or email us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to buy a house across the country?

To buy a house across the country, conduct thorough online research, get a reliable real estate agent in the target area, secure financing, and either travel for viewings or rely on virtual tours.

How to close on a house remotely?

To close on a house remotely, use a reputable online closing service that offers remote online notarization and ensures all parties agree to digital document signing and online transaction completion.

How can foreigners buy a house remotely?

Foreigners can buy a house remotely by conducting online research, securing international financing or funds, working with a local real estate agent familiar with foreign buyers, and utilizing digital tools to view and close the property.

What are the risks of buying real estate online?

The risks of buying real estate online include the potential for misrepresenting the property’s condition, difficulties in assessing neighborhoods, challenges related to legal and financial transactions, and logistics coordination without being on-site.

How to find a reliable real estate agent remotely?

To find a reliable real estate agent remotely, research online for agents with good reviews in the specific locale, seek referrals from local contacts or professional networks, and interview potential agents via video conference to ensure a good fit.

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