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How to start Airbnb in Panama? List your property on Airbnb in 8 steps!

start an airbnb in panama

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Are you exploring the possibility of listing your property on Airbnb in Panama? This article provides a detailed guide, from legalities to lucrative locations, ensuring you’re well-equipped to dive into this exciting venture.

How to start an Airbnb in Panama?

Property owners can follow these 8 steps to list a property on Airbnb in Panama:

  1. Research local laws: Understand legal restrictions, especially in Panama City, where short-term rentals are banned for periods of less than 45 days.
  2. Ensure HOA compliance: If applicable, check with your HOA or Condominium Association for specific short-term rental rules.
  3. Create an Airbnb account: Click here to register for Airbnb in Panama.
  4. Prepare your property: Furnish and prepare your property to meet Airbnb standards and guest expectations.
  5. Create an attractive listing: Register on Airbnb’s platform, crafting a detailed and appealing listing with quality photographs and accurate descriptions.
  6. Consider tourism registration: For added benefits, especially outside Panama City, register your property as a tourism activity (e.g., a B&B) with the Tourism Authority of Panama.
  7. Set pricing and policies: Decide on your pricing, cancellation policies, and house rules.
  8. Implement a management plan: Plan for ongoing property maintenance, cleaning, and guest communication.

Is Airbnb allowed in Panama?

Airbnb in Panama is subject to specific legalities. In Panama City, rentals under 45 days are illegal, with hefty fines for violations. Airbnb is generally permitted elsewhere, but local HOA rules may impose additional restrictions. Registration with the Tourism Authority offers benefits, particularly for properties outside Panama City.

Rules and regulations

  1. Short-term rentals under 45 days are banned in Panama City.
  2. Outside Panama City, HOA or Condominium Association rules may apply.
  3. Properties might need to register with the Tourism Authority, especially if operated as a B&B.
  4. Compliance with local laws and Airbnb policies is essential.

Taxes on Airbnb income in Panama

Rental income through Airbnb in Panama is subject to taxation. Property owners should familiarize themselves with local tax regulations and ensure compliance to avoid penalties.

Is Panama City good for starting an Airbnb rental?

Panama City, with its prohibition on short-term rentals, may not be ideal for Airbnb ventures. However, other regions in Panama offer promising opportunities. Areas like Provincia Bocas Del Toro, Anton Valley, and Boquete in Chiriqui, known for their tourist appeal, are excellent choices for Airbnb investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to start Airbnb in Panama?

The cost to start an Airbnb in Panama varies depending on property location, type, and condition. Expenses include property purchase or lease, furnishing, maintenance, and compliance with local regulations. Additional costs may involve registration fees if opting for tourism activity registration.

Where is the most profitable place to own an Airbnb in Panama?

Provincia Bocas Del Toro, Anton Valley, and Boquete in Chiriqui are among the most profitable areas for Airbnb in Panama. These regions are popular with tourists due to their natural beauty and cultural attractions.

Is Airbnb legal in Panama City?

In Panama City, offering short-term rentals for less than 45 days is illegal. Law 80 of 2012 enforces fines for such activities. Property owners must adhere to these regulations to avoid penalties.

How to register on Airbnb in Panama?

To register on Airbnb in Panama, create an account on Airbnb’s website and list your property with detailed descriptions, photographs, and pricing. Ensure compliance with local laws and Airbnb’s policies.

Do I need a license to start an Airbnb in Panama City?

While a specific “license” for Airbnb is not mentioned, it is crucial to adhere to local laws in Panama City, where short-term rentals under 45 days are prohibited. For long-term rentals, ensure compliance with local regulations and HOA rules if applicable.

Written by Matt Timmermans

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