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Costs of property management in Bali

property management in bali
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The costs of property management in Bali are low and are mostly worth the investment. Maintaining property in a foreign land, especially in a place like Bali, where there are thousands of tourists daily, can be exhausting. For that reason, most rental owners nowadays have embraced the use of property managers. They are a go-to for investors looking to run a real estate business without dealing with day-to-day functions. In this article, we will talk about property management costs in Bali. 

What is property management? 

Property management is the professional upkeep and rental management of villas and homes in Bali. It is usually outsourced to third parties who regularly clean up your property, handle repairs, and deal with bookings and guest accommodation. Using a property management company to maintain your property is recommended to avoid wasting too much time and effort.

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How are the property management fees calculated?

Outsourcing property management can be a smart choice for property owners looking to maximize the value of their investment property while minimizing their workload and stress. It comes with a very reasonable fee. The following are payment structures that are standard practices in Bali villas. 

1. Guaranteed income model

As its name suggests, the guaranteed income model is an arrangement where the property manager assumes all responsibilities and risks and pays the property owner a fixed monthly rate. On the positive side, the owner will receive a steady monthly income without worrying about maintenance or low rental days. However, the property manager can retain all the additional profits during peak seasons. This system is suitable for owners looking for stability. 

2. Fixed-rate model

The guaranteed income model and the fixed-rate model are contrasting approaches. Under the fixed-rate model, the property manager will receive a fixed monthly fee from the property owner. Although the fixed-rate model simplifies accounting by making the management fee a fixed business expense, the property owner may need to bear the cost personally if rental profits are insufficient.

3. Commission model   

The commission model is a widely used payment plan in which the property manager earns a commission based on a percentage of the monthly rental income paid by the property owner. Unlike the payment schemes discussed earlier, this approach considers the amount of rental income generated. Commission rates can go between 10% to 20% of the rental rates. 

costs of property management in bali

How much does Bali villa management cost?

There is usually freedom in agreeing with the cost of property management as the parties determine the fee and terms. Companies typically consider factors such as the property’s location, size, and level of monitoring required by the property owner.

Bali villa management services that cover basic housekeeping, maintenance, and regular inspections charge an average monthly commission of 20%. It’s worth noting that most villa management fees in Bali include a fixed rate of around IDR 4 million ($244). The costs of property management are almost always worth the investment, as it saves you a lot of time, effort, and energy.

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When you entrust a property manager in Bali with the upkeep of your villa or property, you save time and reduce stress. Imagine saying goodbye to concerns over bookings, cleaning, or guest communications. The property manager in Bali ensures seamless check-ins and check-outs, maintains the security of your property, and adeptly manages all reservations. You also have the flexibility to delegate just a single aspect of these tasks to the property manager.

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A professional property management team can save property owners significant time, money, and hassle, making it a worthwhile investment. Local property managers are good at ensuring guests have a good time. They help you to maximize your rental income and occupancy rates. While the additional cost of hiring a property manager may seem like an extra burden when starting your real estate business in Bali, your property must make an excellent first impression with guests. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are property management fees worth it?

Property management fees can be worth it for property owners who need more time, expertise, or desire to manage their properties themselves. Hiring a professional property management team can save owners time and effort, ensure the property is well-maintained, and potentially increase rental income and occupancy rates.

Should I hire a third party to run the management of my property?

Yes. Outsourcing property management is cost-effective in the long run. Make sure to conduct thorough research to find the best company for you.

What is a typical management fee percentage?

Typical fee percentages average 20% of the gross rental revenue.

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