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6 reasons to buy a villa in Bali

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In 2023, Bali attracted an average of 330,000 tourists per month. With tourism being its strongest suit, Bali villas have contributed to the island’s popularity among tourists thanks to their unique blend of natural beauty and modern comforts. Having this luxurious vacation home offers many benefits. While some may opt to rent a Bali Airbnb villa, buying your own has many perks. From an investment perspective to a more personal advantage, we will explore six reasons to buy a villa in Bali. 

1. Additional stream of income

With inflation rates steadily increasing, generating a passive income to combat its impact becomes increasingly important. One lucrative avenue to consider is investing in Bali villa rentals, which offer impressive initial rental yields estimated at around 44.8%. Having your villa and renting it out to vacationers can generate a significant additional stream of income to offset the initial capital cost and enhance your financial stability.

2. Take advantage of appreciation

One of the significant advantages of buying a property over renting it is that you can take advantage of the property’s appreciation. Villas are great investments because, like most properties, their value increases, especially in prime locations like Bali. 

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3. Customization and personalization

Another compelling advantage of purchasing a villa in Bali is the freedom it gives you to customize your own home. Unlike buying a vacant plot of land, which requires you to shoulder significant expenses in constructing foundational structures, purchasing a villa allows you to enjoy an existing home while changing certain aspects, such as interior design, furnishing, and landscaping. 

4. Deal with issues quickly

Having your property in Bali makes dealing with maintenance and repair issues easier. Having a water leak in your toilet? You won’t have to hurdle steps such as renting properties, where you have to inform, notify, and seek permission from the landlord or even fellow residents to make repairs that can take days. With your own property, you can immediately call a service provider for repairs, allowing you to resolve issues timely and ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. 

5. More and better privacy

As a tourist haven, Bali has many tourists and residents living on the island. Villas offer personal space and seclusion for those who want to stay on the down low. You can enjoy the utmost privacy in your private oasis without the intrusion of noisy crowds. Moreover, you can also equip advanced security measures to ensure your safety. 

6. Have your own vacation or retirement home

Lastly, buying a villa evokes a sense of security from having your own holiday or retirement home. Unlike staying in rental properties, where availability and pricing can fluctuate, owning a villa provides a guaranteed place to stay whenever you want to visit Bali. A villa is ideal for people who love to retire in Bali since foreigners can obtain a KITAS or Second Home Visa.

why buy a villa in bali

So, why buy a villa in Bali?

As you have read, there are six reasons to buy a villa in Bali, which are:

  1. Renting the villa can generate an additional stream of income
  2. You can take advantage of the appreciation
  3. It is possible to customize and personalize the villa
  4. Easier to deal with issues quickly
  5. You receive more and better privacy
  6. You have your own vacation or retirement home

Costs and prices of a villa in Bali

Property costs vary depending on the location and size of the property. Villa prices range from IDR 7 million ($427) per m2 to IDR 27.4 million ($1,671).

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How to buy a villa in Bali?

There are three ways for foreigners to buy a villa in Bali, and that is generally through:

  • Leasehold: Foreigners can buy property via a leasehold agreement, typically valid for 25 years and extendable up to 80 years. It grants the right to own and use real estate for a specific period.
  • PT PMA: Foreign investors can establish a PT PMA and buy property in Bali. This process provides an Investor KITAS and is considered one of the safest methods for foreigners to buy property in Bali.
  • Hak Pakai (HP): This land title allows foreigners with a residency permit (like KITAS, KITAP, or Second Home Visa) to buy and use specific properties.
  • Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB): This land title allows ownership over a property constructed on another’s land. Only Indonesian entities or companies (e.g., PT PMA) can obtain the HGB title.
  • Passport: As of 2023, foreigners can buy property in Bali using only their passport, given certain conditions, such as maximum land size and a minimum property value, based on the region.

Establishing a PT PMA is often considered the most viable and safest for foreign investors, as it offers increased security and protection. To navigate the legal complexities, it is advisable to seek guidance from local experts to ensure a smooth setup of a foreign-owned company in Bali.

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Having your villa in Bali can offer numerous benefits for investment and personal use. High initial rental yields and the potential for passive income can be lucrative investment options. Additionally, owning a villa provides security, privacy, and the freedom to enjoy your vacation home.

However, knowing the legal intricacies of foreign ownership in Bali and seeking professional guidance is essential. With careful consideration and proper due diligence, owning a villa in Bali can be a worthwhile investment and a dream come true for those seeking a luxurious and secluded getaway in the tropical paradise of Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can foreigners buy a villa in Bali?

Yes, foreigners can buy a villa in Bali through a PT PMA, Hak Pakai title, Hak Guna Bangunan title, leasehold, or a passport. Buying a villa in Bali through a PT PMA is the most favorite option amongst foreigners.

Is a Bali villa a worthwhile investment?

Buying a villa in Bali can be a worthwhile investment, based on the high rental yields investors can make. Aside from the high potential for return on investment, having your own Bali villa also offers personal advantages, including having a vacation home when visiting the island. 

Is it better to rent or buy in Bali?

If it’s better to rent or buy in Bali depends on your circumstances and priorities. Renting may be a sounder choice for those who don’t want to commit to long-term ownership. On the other side, buying can provide potential investment opportunities.

Your guide to buying property in Bali
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Your guide to buying property in Bali
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