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Buying property in Lombok, Indonesia: Guide for foreigners

buy property in lombok

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Lombok is a beautiful island known as Bali’s little sister in Western Indonesia and neighboring Bali. It is currently one of the fastest-growing tourism markets in the region. Lombok is desirable for foreign investors interested in real estate because of its potential profitability in tourism. Find out how you can buy real estate in Lombok as a foreigner.

Can a foreigner buy property in Lombok?

Hak Milik is the title that vests full ownership of a property allowing for complete control and use of the land according to the holder’s preference. However, only Indonesian nationals can own property under a Hak Milik title. This policy is in place to protect the housing market from excessive foreign ownership and ensure that its residents benefit from the economy. 

However, there are still several ways for foreigners to own property in Lombok. Foreigners can lease the land for a period, establish a foreign-owned company, or nominate an Indonesian nominee.

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How to buy real estate in Lombok?

The safest way for foreigners to buy real estate in Lombok is by establishing a foreign-owned company, locally known as Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing (PT PMA). The law grants a PT PMA the privilege to acquire freehold and leasehold property under the company’s name. The catch, however, is that the PT PMA must purchase Hak Guna Bangunan (Right to Build) and Hak Pakai (Right to Use) titles. 

Establishing a PT PMA requires compliance with strict requirements. We recommend getting the services of established visa agencies, lawyers, and notaries before registering your company in Indonesia. 

Buy Lombok real estate in 6 steps

Foreigners can buy real estate in Lombok by following these six steps:

  1. Establish a PT PMA (a notary, accountant, or visa agency can do this for you).
  2. Request the certificate for the property you want to buy from the Indonesian National Land Office (BPN).
  3. Settle the payment and provide proof.
  4. Provide proof that the conditions for Hak Guna Bangunan or Hak Pakai are met.
  5. Request the building permit (PBG) to acquire the right to build.
  6. BPN will issue the property certificate under the name of your PT PMA.
buy land in lombok indonesia
Lombok is a beautiful island known as Bali’s little sister

Is Lombok a good place to invest in real estate?

While Bali’s popularity remains unrivaled, more and more tourists are looking for alternative vacation spots, especially those who have already been to Bali. It is smart to invest in Lombok now because while it is gaining traction as a tourist destination, there is still little competition as it is still developing. 

Best real estate agencies in Lombok

Foreigners who want to buy real estate in Lombok better seek assistance from a reputable local real estate agent. These agents have the local expertise, market knowledge, and legal understanding to navigate through the complex real estate process in Indonesia. This helps foreigners navigate legal requirements and ensures a smooth real estate transaction.

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Those with a keen business sense would know it is best to invest now while property prices in Lombok are currently low. Trends dictate that tourism is not slowing down any sooner in Indonesia. As the neighboring island of the top tourist destination, Lombok is poised for profitability soon. This is why it is an opportune time to look at unique places like Lombok with excellent investment potential. Invest in great real estate agencies to provide expert guidance in your real estate journey.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lombok a good place to invest?

Yes, investing in Lombok offers opportunities beyond just real estate. The island has a strong tourism sector and ongoing infrastructure developments, which makes it ideal to invest in tourism-related operations and construction.

How much is the land in Lombok?

The land in Lombok is quite reasonable and almost as half as cheap compared to Bali. Land prices can go for as low as IDR 3.7 million ($250) per square meter.

How much does it cost to live in Lombok?

Lombok is ideal for expats looking to live comfortably while enjoying nature. The cost of living is relatively low, averaging around IDR 17.9 million ($1.200) monthly.

Your guide to buying property in Indonesia

Written by Matt Timmermans

6 Responses

  1. Hi. I am planning to relocate from the UK to Lombok in July ’24, accompanied by my Indonesian wife and our two dependent children. I am a British citizen. I would like to buy land (5 – 6 ‘are’ approximately), with a view to building a house on that land. I want to be sure I have complete and irrevocable title to the land and house. Can you advise/assist in this process? It would be helpful with my planning if you could estimate time frames and costs as well. Many thanks!

  2. Hello Matt,
    I thinking about investing in a restaurant in Gili air. I havé an indonesian friend (What I know since more than 10years)who have beach front land. Hé has already 18 bungalow and a « restaurant »who need to be restore. I want to propose him to create a new company only for the new restaurant and propose him 70% of the company and I keep 30% (bécause hé has the land and hé gonna manage the restaurant all years because I can be only there 3month/years). My questions are:
    Do you think it s a fair deal considèr that I Will invest 800million Rps to built the new restaurant?
    Do you think an investment of 1billion is enough (hé s putting 200million) for a new restaurant on Gili A? Hé has boat to carry all the material from Lombok as well.

    1. Hi Gilles,

      Your proposal and investment plan sound interesting, but evaluating its fairness and adequacy requires a deeper understanding of the local market and business specifics. Our Bali property consultancy call might be interesting for you. In this call, we can take a deeper look at your situation. For questions, don’t hesitater to email us at [email protected].

      ^ Matt

  3. Hi I’m Jay from singapore I would like to buy a house in Lombok a likes maybe a 3 – 4 bedroom house whats the average cost like be ?

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