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How to become a permanent resident in Indonesia: A comprehensive guide

permanent resident in indonesia

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Anyone can become a permanent resident in Indonesia if they meet the government’s requirements. Whether drawn by the beaches of Bali or the skyline of Jakarta, obtaining permanent residency can provide a stable foundation for your life in Indonesia. This guide offers a detailed overview of becoming a permanent resident in Indonesia, whether you want to move to Bali or live in another Indonesian place.

Understanding Indonesian residency permits

Before moving to Indonesia, it’s essential to understand the residency permits that Indonesia offers. Becoming a permanent resident of Indonesia is not as easy as many foreigners hope. There are two types of Indonesian residency permits available:

  • KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas): This temporary residence permit is valid for one or two years and can be extended. It serves as a stepping stone towards permanent residency and is necessary for employment, family reunification, retirement, or educational purposes.
  • KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap): The KITAP is a permanent residency permit that allows you to stay in Indonesia for five years at a time, with the possibility of indefinite extensions. Obtaining a KITAP is the ultimate goal for those seeking long-term residency in Indonesia.

Eligibility for permanent residency in Indonesia

Whether you want to live in Bali permanently or move to another place in Indonesia, you must meet several KITAP requirements to be eligible for permanent residency in Indonesia. Typically, you must first hold a KITAS for five years. However, some exceptions allow for a faster transition to permanent residency in Indonesia:

  • Second Home Visa: This visa is designed for individuals who deposit a minimum of IDR 2 billion ($126,000) in an Indonesian bank account or buy eligible real estate with a minimum value of IDR 2 billion ($126,000) in Indonesia. The Second Home Visa grants immediate permanent residency without prior temporary residency requirements.
  • Spouse KITAP: If you are married to an Indonesian citizen, you can apply for Indonesia’s permanent residency after just two years of holding a KITAS sponsored by your Indonesian spouse.

Steps to become a permanent resident in Indonesia

How to become a permanent resident in Indonesia depends on your choice. Generally, these are the steps to follow when you want to obtain permanent residency in Indonesia:

  1. Obtain a KITAS: Start by applying for a KITAS suitable for your situation, whether for work, family, retirement, or studies. This will generally involve securing a sponsorship or meeting specific eligibility criteria for your purpose in Indonesia.
  2. Extend your KITAS: You must renew your KITAS annually for five years. Consistency is key, as changing sponsors or visa types can reset the clock on your residency timeline.
  3. Apply for a KITAP: After fulfilling the required time on a KITAS, you can apply for a KITAP. This step usually involves submitting additional documentation and undergoing an evaluation of your time spent in Indonesia.

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Benefits of holding a KITAP in Indonesia

Being a permanent resident in Indonesia offers several advantages. The main one is being able to live in Indonesia long-term without needing to renew your visa. However, there are several other benefits of holding a KITAP in Indonesia:

  • Freedom of movement: You can enter and exit Indonesia without reapplying for new visas.
  • Financial services: Open local bank accounts and qualify for loans more quickly.
  • Long-term stability: Secure your five-year residency status with easy renewal options.
  • Community integration: Apply for an Indonesian ID (KTP), which facilitates daily transactions and social integration.

Can I move to Indonesia without permanent residency?

Moving to Indonesia does not necessarily require permanent residency. Many foreigners, whether expats or having an Indonesian partner, move to Indonesia on various short-term and temporary residency visas, such as KITAS. Those visas are available for specific purposes, such as work, retirement, or family reunification, and let foreigners live in Indonesia for limited periods with the possibility of extensions. Many foreigners reside in Indonesia with an Investor KITAS or Work KITAS, which they can obtain through a foreign-owned company, a PT PMA.

Living in Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, or other Indonesian locations temporarily can be a great way to explore the country and determine if it suits your long-term goals before committing to Indonesian permanent residency. It’s also possible to become a tax resident of Indonesia without being a permanent resident. To do so, you must obtain an NPWP. You will need this tax registration number to pay personal income tax in Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to live in Bali permanently?

To live permanently in Bali, you must obtain a KITAP, Indonesia’s permanent residency permit. Initially, you must hold a temporary residency permit, KITAS, for at least five years. Alternatively, wealthy individuals can apply for a Second Home Visa, which allows them to become a permanent resident in Indonesia.

What is the name of Indonesia’s long-term visa?

Indonesia’s long-term visa is called the KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap), which stands for Permanent Stay Permit Card. With this long-term visa, a foreigner can become a permanent resident in Indonesia. Before applying for a KITAP, applicants typically need a KITAS, which is valid for up to one year and renewable.

How to become a citizen of Bali?

To become a citizen of Bali, you must renounce any other citizenship due to Indonesia’s prohibition of dual citizenship. The process usually begins after living in Indonesia for a significant period under a KITAP and fulfilling stringent naturalization requirements, including language proficiency and knowledge of Indonesian history and culture.

How to obtain Indonesia permanent residency by investment?

Indonesia offers a Second Home Visa for individuals who can invest significantly in the country. To obtain permanent residency by investment, you need to deposit at least IDR 2 billion ($126,000) into an Indonesian bank account. This visa immediately bypasses the need for a temporary residency (KITAS) and grants a five-year KITAP.

What are the requirements for an Indonesian residence visa?

The requirements for an Indonesian residence visa (KITAS) vary based on the type of visa. Common types include work, family, retirement, and student visas. Generally, applicants need a sponsorship from an employer, family member, or educational institution in Indonesia. Other requirements include proof of financial sustainability, health insurance, and compliance with Indonesian laws and regulations. After obtaining a KITAS and residing in Indonesia for a required duration, typically five years, you can apply for a KITAP (permanent residency).

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