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Where to buy property in Jakarta? The 7 best neighborhoods!

buy property in jakarta

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If you want to buy real estate in Jakarta, it is important to research the different neighborhoods. With more than 11.3 million residents, Jakarta is one of the most populated cities in the world. Therefore, buying and renting properties is also in high demand. Therefore, investing in real estate in Jakarta can be very smart. Even then, it is essential to research the best neighborhoods in Jakarta to get the highest possible ROI or rental yield.

1. Kemang

Kemang is a well-known area in southern Jakarta, trendy among expats. With its diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, and supermarkets, central Kemang can give the impression of an international village. The area has various living options, including houses, compounds, and apartments. Kemang Dalam, the central part of the area, features spacious homes with gardens in a laid-back and quiet neighborhood, where people can often be seen walking their dogs or exercising outdoors.

Several international schools, such as AIS, ACG, and NZIS, are located in Kemang, while others, such as JIS, are easily accessible. Lippo Mall Kemang, situated on the outskirts of the area, provides a variety of brands, restaurants, a gym, and a cinema, all with outdoor seating.

However, traffic can be heavy on the main streets of Kemang, causing delays during peak hours, especially on Friday nights, when it’s also a preferred spot for nightlife. Kemang Dalam is the ideal location for those looking for a freestanding house. It is known for its quiet and green streets, with most homes featuring a garden and a pool. While some houses are older, more modern houses are replacing them in recent years.

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2. Kuningan

The district of Kuningan is a major business center in Jakarta, forming part of the city’s Golden Triangle, which includes Jalan Rasuna Said, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, and Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto. It is home to several financial, diplomatic, and commercial establishments, making it the city’s central hub. For those who wish to live close to their workplace and enjoy the nightlife and fine dining experiences, Kuningan is an excellent choice.

Although Kuningan may not be the most family-friendly neighborhood, it offers many modern and well-equipped apartment buildings. In the Patra Jasa area, there are standalone houses available for sale. Additionally, a limited number of properties are available for expats around the Mega Kuningan area. Still, they either need to be updated or are more costly.

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3. Senayan

Senayan is a neighborhood located on the brink between south and central Jakarta. This area is an excellent option for those who want to be near the business district and upscale malls, restaurants, and office buildings. With a high density of skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, Senayan is where Jakarta feels like a modern metropolis.

Although Senayan is a bustling area, it also offers ample green space around the big sports stadium in the heart of the neighborhood. The Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was initially built to host parts of the Asian Games in 1962 and has since been renovated to suit big sports events. The park-like area surrounding the stadium has also been developed as a green outside activities park for public use.

Most residents in Senayan reside in upscale apartments that overlook the city. There is also a good selection of serviced apartments available, which may be interesting for families who have recently moved and are still waiting for their furniture to arrive, as well as for expats who travel light. Finding property for sale in Senayan can be difficult, as wealthy Indonesians occupy many. Some areas in Senayan, such as the Hang Lekir area, may have a few houses available.

4. Menteng

Menteng is an affluent neighborhood known for housing the political elite and featuring a range of museums, cultural facilities, and embassies. The area’s wide, tree-lined streets were initially established in the early 19th century to accommodate the Dutch and high-ranking officials. Although many older buildings have been replaced, Menteng still exudes a rich sense of history and tranquility. Additionally, its proximity to the central business districts allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds.

While Menteng may be slightly more expensive than other areas of Jakarta, it offers spacious houses with extensive gardens, providing residents with a colonial atmosphere. Due to the relocation of most international schools to the south or outside the city, Menteng has lost some appeal for expat families. Despite this, many Indonesians continue to reside in Menteng.

Houses in Menteng are typically modern classics, with some minimalist styles available. Although newer houses are more expensive and lack gardens due to high land costs, older, dated homes can be found at lower prices.

5. Sudirman

Sudirman is a bustling area in the heart of Jakarta, known for its convenience and high-end amenities. As the center of the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), it has become a hub for business and commerce in the city. Many expats choose to live and work in Sudirman, making it one of the most popular areas for high-rise apartment buildings.

Besides its business and financial appeal, Sudirman has become known for its vibrant nightlife scene. The area boasts numerous high-end restaurants, bars, and nightclubs catering to locals and expatriates. Whether you are looking for a casual night out or a sophisticated evening, plenty of options are available. Sudirman also offers easy access to other parts of Jakarta, making it a convenient location for those exploring other attractions.

If you want to live in Sudirman, some recommended apartments include Sudirman Residence, Sudirman Park, Thamrin Residence, Sahid Sudirman Residence, and others. These apartments offer a luxurious lifestyle, often with various amenities like 24-hour security, housekeeping services, and parking facilities. While the cost of living in Sudirman may be higher than in other areas of Jakarta, the convenience, comfort, and luxury it offers make it an attractive option for many expatriates and locals alike.

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6. Kebayoran Baru

If you are employed in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), Kebayoran Baru is a desirable living option. The SCBD serves as Jakarta’s commercial center, with numerous national and international companies having offices in the area. Pacific Place, a modern shopping mall featuring exclusive brands, restaurants, and a well-stocked supermarket in the basement, is situated here, with the Jakarta Ritz-Carlton Hotel atop it. The region also boasts numerous dining establishments, bars, and cafes.

In the south, Kebayoran Baru transforms into a verdant suburban area with parks and gardens. As a result of its central location, housing in this area tends to be more expensive than in other regions. Two categories of homes are commonly found here: luxurious ones comparable to those in Pondok Indah and older homes that frequently come with extensive, lush gardens. Additionally, several high-end apartment buildings are located here, providing ample communal space and facilities.

Kebayoran Baru’s upscale neighborhoods include Senopati, Wijaya, Dharmawangsa, and Pakubuwono, with many politicians, business owners, and ambassadors residing in these areas. Senopati is also known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse dining options.

The Sriwijaya region of Kebayoran Baru is renowned for its large, expensive homes, with many occupied by ambassadors and wealthy expatriates. The Erlangga side of Kebayoran Baru features more compact homes, often with a pool but no garden or a small garden and no pool. These homes are more affordable than those on the Sriwijaya side. Dharmawangsa is another expensive area of Kebayoran Baru.

7. Pondok Indah

Numerous families whose children attend Jakarta International School (JIS) tend to choose Pondok Indah as their residence. Once a plantation-filled area, Pondok Indah has transformed into an elegant residential area with well-maintained streets and sidewalks. It should be noted that tall walls enclose many homes in this area and often have limited or no garden space.

Aside from the convenient proximity to JIS, Pondok Indah offers various leisure activities. For instance, the Houbii Urban Adventure Park, Indonesia’s most extensive trampoline park, is a popular attraction for children and teenagers. Additionally, the Pondok Indah Golf Course is nearby. For shopping, Pondok Indah Mall I & II, one of the most prominent malls in Jakarta, provides a broad range of brand stores, department stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Expatriates prefer the regions near the JIS site. The opposite side of Pondok Indah may be less desirable, but it does have some large and small houses that Indonesian families inhabit. Most real estate properties in Pondok Indah have a traditional, elegant style characterized by tall pillars. They are often called “The White House” style of homes. Finding minimalist homes in Pondok Indah is a rare and challenging task.

What is the best neighborhood in Jakarta to buy property?

What is the best neighborhood in Jakarta to buy property is up to your personal preferences. The seven Jakarta districts we covered in this article are trendy among Indonesians and foreigners living in Jakarta.

When looking to buy real estate in Jakarta, it is best to look at an apartment, condo, or house in one of these Jakarta neighborhoods. The same goes for people who want to buy property in Jakarta to rent out. Rental properties in these neighborhoods are in high demand, allowing investors to earn an attractive return on their investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do most expats live in Jakarta?

Most expats in Jakarta live in the southern part of the city. Kemang, Senopati, Sudirman, and Kebayoran Baru are popular neighborhoods amongst foreigners.

Can foreigners buy property in Jakarta?

Foreigners can buy property in Jakarta through a PT PMA. This is a foreign-owned company that can hold freehold or leasehold property. It is possible to buy land and build your own house with a PT PMA.

Where do expats live in South Jakarta?

South Jakarta attracts a lot of foreigners who want to live in Jakarta. Most expats in Jakarta live in Kemang, Senopati, Sudirman, and Kebayoran Baru.

What is the best area in Jakarta?

What is the best area in Jakarta depends on your personal preferences. Generally, the neighborhoods in South Jakarta are considered the best locations in the Indonesian capital, such as Kemang, Kuningan, Senayan, Menteng, Sudirman, Kebayoran Baru, and Pondok Indah.

Your guide to buying property in Jakarta

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Your guide to buying property in Jakarta

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