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Bali officials invest IDR 80 billion to build a new, bigger road to Uluwatu

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Bali officials have decided to invest IDR 80 billion ($4.88 million) in a crucial project to improve Bali’s tourism infrastructure. The project involves building a new road in the Uluwatu area with the aim of reducing traffic congestion, which has become a major problem as Uluwatu has grown in popularity as a resort destination. The Nirmala-Uluwatu Intersection has been particularly affected by the increase in traffic due to the influx of tourists and investors.

The new road to Uluwatu will be 24 to 30 meters wider than existing road

For current property owners in Uluwatu and the northern parts of Bali, this infrastructure upgrade is good news. The new road, coupled with the widening of existing roads by 24-30 meters, is expected to significantly improve traffic flow and reduce travel times. This improvement in accessibility is likely to increase property values in the area, making it an even more attractive location for residential and commercial investment.

The impact of tourism on Uluwatu cannot be overstated. The area is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich cultural scene, but it has been struggling to manage the large number of tourists, particularly in terms of traffic. The confirmation from the Badung Regional Secretary that road construction will begin in mid-2024 is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to supporting the tourism sector in Uluwatu. The new infrastructure will significantly improve the tourist experience, making Uluwatu an even more attractive destination.

Investment opportunities for foreigners in Bali’s rising star

Investing in Bali’s property market can be a great opportunity for foreigners, especially in Uluwatu. The reason is that the planned road construction and traffic management initiatives will make Uluwatu more accessible and attractive to tourists. This will enhance the value and demand for properties in the area. Therefore, investing in Uluwatu’s properties now can lead to significant returns in the future.

The zoning management strategy implemented at Pandawa Beach, which divides the area into sections for different activities, is a smart move to effectively handle the growing number of tourists. This zoning is expected to make Uluwatu more appealing by making it a more organized and attractive destination for visitors. For investors, this means a potential increase in demand for accommodations, restaurants, and leisure activities in the area.

In conclusion, the upcoming road development in Uluwatu is more than just an infrastructure project. It’s a gateway to enhanced tourism and investment opportunities in Bali. For current property owners, this means a potential increase in property value and attractiveness. For foreign investors, it presents an opportune moment to enter a market that is set for significant growth and transformation. Uluwatu is paving its way to becoming a more accessible and desirable destination, promising lucrative returns for those who invest wisely.

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Written by Matt Timmermans

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