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Manufacturing firm Blum enters the Indonesian market with a state-of-the-art showroom

blum showroom in jakarta

Blum, a well-known Austrian manufacturing company, entered the Indonesian market by opening a modern showroom and store in BSD, Tangerang, Jakarta. This showroom, which will open to the public on June 26, 2023, will showcase Blum’s wide range of products, from stylish kitchens to complete furniture sets.

The Managing Director of Blum Indonesia, Marcuz Zylajew, shared his excitement: “It’s exciting to build a place where customers can fully experience what we have to offer. Our showroom is meant to spark the imaginations of designers, woodworkers, builders, and anyone else who wants to renovate or build a home in Indonesia“.

A love letter to design and function

The store is made up of three levels. The 130-square-meter ground floor is filled with Blum’s most famous pieces, like the Space Tower, Space Step, and Space Twin. All of these pieces have a modern minimalist look.

As guests go up to the second floor, they will see a wide range of Blum’s innovations, such as lifting systems, rotating mechanisms, box structures, moving parts, and kinetic technologies. Notably, this floor also has a teaching hub where Blum’s experts teach and train people on how to use their products, including installing and customizing them. On the top floor, offices, and meeting places make talking and working together easier.

Fostering talent and long-term sustainability

Marcuz Zylajew talked about how Indonesia’s cooking and furniture businesses are growing and moving forward. “It’s good to see that more designers and makers in the United States are focusing on usefulness, longevity, and sustainability. We are thrilled to be a part of this thriving ecosystem,” he said.

The teaching area is essential because it will be used not only by Blum’s customers and partners, but also by prospective artists and building students. Blum has taken a big step by working with academic schools to improve education and training in these fields.

Blum is setting sail in the potential seas of the Indonesian market with this modern store. Not only does the company show off its cutting-edge goods, but it also promises to support local talent and promote sustainable design.

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Written by Matt Timmermans

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