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Indonesia exempts VAT on landed house purchases, apartments might follow

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The Indonesian government has taken a significant step in bolstering the real estate market by offering a 100% Value Added Tax (PPN) subsidy for newly landed house purchases. This property tax initiative, known as PPN DTP (Pajak Pertambahan Nilai DiTanggung Pemerintah), is applicable for properties priced up to IDR 5 billion ($305,000), with the subsidy covering up to the first IDR 2 billion ($122,000). This move aims to stimulate the property market and make home ownership more accessible.

Impact on consumers and market dynamics

In light of this development, property experts are advocating for a similar subsidy to be extended to the apartment sector. Senior Associate Director of Research of Colliers Indonesia, Ferry Salanto, has emphasized the need for this incentive to include apartments, highlighting the potential benefits it could bring to the sector. This proposal, if accepted, could significantly lower the entry barrier for purchasing apartments, making them more attractive to a broader range of buyers.

The current PPN DTP rate of 11% translates into a substantial discount for property buyers. For instance, a property valued at IDR 1 billion ($61,000) would benefit from a discount of IDR 10 million ($610). This considerable price reduction presents a unique opportunity for consumers and is expected to invigorate the property market.

Anticipating changes for investors

Real estate investors, both domestic and international, should closely monitor these developments. The potential extension of the VAT exemption to apartments could lead to a surge in demand, especially in urban areas where apartments are popular. Investors might consider diversifying their portfolios to include apartment properties, anticipating increased interest following the subsidy’s implementation.

While the current subsidy scheme is clear about its applicability to Indonesian citizens, extending this benefit to the apartment sector raises questions about its availability to foreign investors. Typically, Indonesian real estate laws have certain restrictions for foreign ownership, but with the evolving landscape, there might be new opportunities or regulations for foreign investors to navigate.

Key points

  • The Indonesian government has introduced a 100% Value Added Tax (PPN) subsidy for the purchase of new landed houses priced up to IDR 5 billion ($305,000), with the subsidy covering up to the first IDR 2 billion ($122,000).
  • Property experts, led by Ferry Salanto of Colliers Indonesia, are advocating for the same subsidy to be applied to the apartment sector.
  • Real estate investors are advised to monitor these developments and consider diversifying their portfolios to include apartment properties.
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