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Real estate news in Thailand

Thailand’s property transfers plunge 13% in early 2024, signaling buyer’s market

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The residential property market in Thailand has experienced a significant slowdown, with a 13% decrease in property transfers compared to the same period last year. This decline represents the most substantial dip since 2018, with only 72,954 units transferred in the first quarter of 2024. This decrease indicates reduced demand and suggests a cooling off in what had previously been a heated market.

Tightening financial conditions impact buyer capabilities

Alongside the decrease in property transfers, there has been a notable 20.5% year-on-year decline in new housing loans. This sharp reduction, the most significant in over six years, indicates stricter lending conditions set by financial institutions. For prospective home buyers, especially foreigners, this may lead to a more thorough evaluation and potentially greater obstacles in obtaining financing in Thailand.

Varied effects across property types and segments in Thailand

The market downturn has affected different types of properties and price segments in varying ways. Transfers of low-rise residences have seen an 18.9% decrease, while condominium transfers have only marginally declined by 0.6%. The most significant transfer declines were observed in properties priced between and . This information is essential for investors targeting specific market segments, as it highlights which areas are experiencing greater resistance to the prevailing economic conditions.

Strategic considerations for current owners and prospective buyers

The current market conditions in Thailand may be concerning for property owners, but they also present a potential opportunity. While there is a slowdown and price adjustments, it may not be the best time to sell unless it’s absolutely necessary. Property values could increase as market conditions stabilize, especially with the government’s planned stimulus measures aimed at revitalizing the market.

The current situation could be a great opportunity for potential buyers, particularly those from other countries. With prices dropping and less competition for properties, buyers may be able to find good deals, especially in areas that have seen the biggest price decreases. The REIC forecasts a 5-10% increase in property transfers and overall sales growth in 2024, indicating that the market may soon recover. This could make it a good time to invest before prices start rising again.

Navigating uncertainty with an optimistic outlook

Despite the challenges posed by the current market conditions in Thailand, REIC’s optimistic outlook for a rebound in the coming quarters could mean that the downturn is temporary. With strategic government interventions and increasing interest from foreign buyers fueled by more favorable conditions, Thailand’s property market is poised for a resurgence. This potential makes it an intriguing prospect for foreign investors looking to capitalize on the cyclical nature of real estate investments. Now might just be the right time to explore the possibilities within Thailand’s diverse property landscape.

Written by Matt Timmermans

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