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The government of Bali has confirmed its plans for a new tram line and rail network

new train in bali

The Badung Regency Government in Bali has confirmed plans to develop a comprehensive public transportation system. This will include the construction of a new tram line running alongside the upcoming Bali Urban Rail Network. The tram route is designed to be 4-6 meters wide and will stretch 17 kilometers from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport to Cemagi, Mengwi, Badung. This development aims to improve connectivity and alleviate transportation issues in one of Bali’s busiest regions.

Construction of the tram road is scheduled to begin in 2026

The project will start with filling the beach with sand, which is expected to be completed by 2025. After this, the construction of the tram road is planned to start in 2026. The total cost of the entire project, including coastal restoration and beach arrangement in Badung, is estimated to be IDR 900 billion. This significant investment will be fully funded through the Badung Regional Budget, demonstrating the government’s commitment to improving infrastructure and public transportation.

Private sector collaboration and free tram rides for residents

To streamline the project and ensure its success, the Badung Regency Government plans to collaborate with private parties for tram services. This model, similar to the one employed in Surabaya, will involve the private sector providing the vehicles, while the government sets the regulations and oversees the operation. An appealing aspect of this initiative is that once operational, the tram service will be free for Bali residents, with tourists required to pay a fee. Additionally, Badung Regency residents will receive subsidies for using the transportation services, making it a highly beneficial project for the local community.

Bali’s first tram road will be built near the beaches

The Badung Regency Government has announced that all beaches in the area are government-owned. This is to ensure that there are no private claims in these areas and to protect public access to beaches. The move aims to prevent the privatization of these valuable resources. The announcement comes after a demonstration by Traditional Village Leaders who opposed the potential privatization of river ways for tourism developments. The government’s stance ensures that residents and tourists can enjoy Bali’s natural beauty without restriction.

What are the implications for property buyers and owners in Bali?

The developments in Bali indicate a period of significant change for property buyers and owners in the region. The introduction of a reliable and efficient public transportation system is likely to increase property values along the tram and rail routes. Better connectivity makes these areas more desirable for both residential and commercial investments. Additionally, the government’s dedication to preserving public access to beaches and regulating beachfront developments ensures that Bali’s unique charm remains unchanged, further enhancing the appeal of investing in real estate in the region.

The development of tram lines and rail networks in Bali signifies a major step forward in modernizing the island’s infrastructure. For property buyers and owners, this translates to increased property values, improved connectivity, and a secure investment environment. As Bali progresses, these projects will have a pivotal role in shaping its future as a top destination for both living and tourism.

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