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How to host my property in the Philippines on

list my property in the philippines on
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Are you a house owner in the Philippines looking to generate some extra income from your property? Renting out your property in the Philippines on can be a lucrative option. With millions of travelers using the platform to find accommodation worldwide, it offers great exposure and potential for bookings. Here are the steps, requirements, fees, and some tips to help you get started.

List your property in the Philippines on in 5 steps

Anyone can register their property in the Philippines on to rent it out by following the five steps below.

Step 1. Create an account on

The first step is to create an account on as a host. Visit their website and click on the “List Your Property” button. Fill in the required information about your property, such as location, amenities, and house rules.

Step 2. Set up your listing

Once you have created an account, you can start setting up your listing. Upload high-quality photos that showcase your house’s best features and write a compelling description that highlights its unique selling points.

Step 3. Determine pricing and availability

Decide on the pricing for your rental property and set the availability calendar according to your preferences. offers flexible options to manage rates based on seasons, weekends, or specific dates.

Step 4. Provide detailed information

Ensure that you provide accurate and detailed information about your house, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and any additional amenities such as a pool or garden. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to attract potential guests.

Step 5. Manage bookings and communication

Once your listing is live on, you’ll start receiving booking requests from interested travelers. Respond promptly to inquiries and keep track of reservations through the platform’s management tools.

Airbnb is the most used platform for renting apartments, villas, penthouses, and homes in the Philippines. Benefit from the many people who use Airbnb to find a place to stay in the Philippines by hosting your property on the platform.

Requirements to list your property on

These are the requirements to list your house in the Philippines on

  • A valid email address for communication with
  • Detailed information about your house, including location, size, amenities, etc.
  • High-quality photos of your property
  • A bank account for receiving payments from bookings
  • A reliable internet connection for managing bookings and communication with guests fees charges a commission for each confirmed booking. The commission percentage varies depending on the property type and location, generally between 10% and 25%. Additionally, there may be local taxes or fees that you need to comply with as a host.

Note: It is essential to review and understand the fee structure before listing your property in the Philippines on to ensure it aligns with your financial expectations.

Tips to get more bookings

Renting out your property in the Philippines on can be a rewarding experience. By implementing some practical tips, you’ll increase your chances of attracting more bookings and maximizing your rental income:

  1. Optimize your listing: Use relevant keywords in your title and description to improve your property’s visibility in search results. Highlight unique features that set your house apart from others.
  2. Offer competitive rates: Research similar properties in your area and set competitive rates to attract more guests.
  3. Provide excellent photos: Invest in professional photography or take high-quality photos yourself to showcase your house’s best features.
  4. Request guest reviews: Positive reviews can boost your credibility and attract more bookings. Encourage guests to leave feedback after their stay.
  5. Respond promptly: Timely responses to inquiries and booking requests show potential guests that you are reliable and attentive.
  6. Continuously update your calendar: Keep your availability calendar up-to-date, ensuring accuracy for potential guests looking to book.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I list my property in the Philippines on

To list your property in the Philippines on, you must create a host account on their website and provide detailed information about your property, including photos and amenities. You will also need to set up your availability calendar and pricing. will review your listing before it goes live.

What are the requirements for renting out my house on in the Philippines?

To rent out your house on in the Philippines, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary legal permissions and licenses required by local authorities. Additionally, you should have clear policies for guests, such as cancellation and check-in/check-out procedures. It is also crucial to maintain good communication with guests throughout their stay.

How do I manage bookings and payments for my rented house on in the Philippines? provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage bookings and communicate with guests. Payments are handled through their secure platform, with options for both prepayment and onsite payment. It is important to keep track of reservations, respond promptly to inquiries, and ensure that your property is ready for guests according to their arrival time.

Your guide to buying property in the Philippines
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Your guide to buying property in the Philippines
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