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Can Americans buy property in Portugal?

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Portugal has long been a top choice for many Americans, particularly those who want to retire in a scenic landscape with great benefits. Investing in property within the country allows you to realize the dream of residing in this stunning location while generating additional income. But you might be curious: can Americans buy property in Portugal? This article addresses this query and assists you in determining whether Portugal is a suitable place for your needs. 

Can Americans buy property in Portugal?

Yes, Americans can buy property in Portugal. There are no restrictions or limitations on property ownership based on nationality. As an American citizen, you have the same opportunity as any other foreigner when buying property in Portugal. This openness and accessibility make Portugal an attractive option for Americans looking to invest in real estate or retire in the country. However, it’s essential to be familiar with the regulations and procedures involved in property acquisition to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. 

4 steps to buying property in Portugal as an American

Americans can own property in Portugal by first going through the Golden Visa program. This program allows foreigners from non-EU countries to apply for residency. However, there are preparatory steps before you can get a Golden Visa. Below is an overview of the steps you must undertake to own real estate in Portugal as an American.

Step 1: Acquire a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF)

The first crucial step for Americans to own property in Portugal is to acquire a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF). This number is necessary for tax identification and any country’s real estate transactions. Americans can obtain an NIF by visiting a government finance office in Portugal or by using an online service.

Take the first step towards obtaining your Portuguese NIF by clicking the button below and completing the process online. For only $150, you can easily acquire your NIF and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Step 2: Find a property

Americans must find the right property that suits their needs. With the vast real estate market in Portugal, encompassing various types of thorough research is essential whether you are looking for a retirement home or investment purposes. Engaging the services of a reputable Portuguese real estate agent can significantly simplify the process. Ensure the agent is familiar with the local market and can assist in finding properties that align with your preferences.

Step 3: Finalizing property ownership 

Finalizing property ownership is crucial for Americans looking to own property in Portugal. It involves several key actions, including reviewing the purchase contract, signing the deed of purchase in the presence of a notary, and registering the land with the appropriate Land Registry Office. 

It is imperative to carefully review the contract to ensure all terms and conditions align with your expectations and legal requirements. Once satisfied, the deed of purchase is signed before a notary, solidifying the transfer of ownership. Registering it with the Land Registry Office is also essential, ensuring proper documentation and adherence to local regulations. 

Step 4: Apply for a Golden Visa

As a final step in the process of owning property in Portugal, Americans have the option to apply for the Golden Visa program. The Golden Visa provides additional benefits and privileges, including access to the Schengen Area and the ability to live, work, and study in Portugal. It is advisable to consult with immigration professionals or lawyers experienced in Golden Visa applications to ensure a smooth and successful process.

Buy property in Portugal with Own Property Abroad

Do you want to buy property in Portugal? Own Property Abroad can assist you and ensure a seamless and hassle-free property journey, whether selling or buying real estate in Portugal. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the local market, we can help with legal requirements, finding suitable properties, negotiating the best deals, and conducting due diligence.

With our expert team, you won’t have to navigate the complexities of the Portuguese real estate market alone. For further information on how we can assist you, kindly drop your details below or email us at [email protected]. Let’s start working on your property success story today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are Americans buying houses in Portugal?

The country’s scenic landscapes and attractive retirement options make it an appealing destination. Portugal’s open real estate market and relatively lower property prices than other European countries also attract American buyers.

Can a US citizen own property in Portugal?

Yes, a US citizen can own property in Portugal. Portugal allows foreigners, including US citizens, to purchase and own real estate subject to specific requirements.

Can I get residency in Portugal if I buy land?

Acquiring land alone does not automatically grant residency in Portugal. However, if you invest in Portuguese property through programs like the Golden Visa, you may be eligible to apply for residency, which offers additional benefits and privileges beyond property ownership.

Written by Monisa Ruth Simon

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  1. Hey, my name is Nathan Schweiger. I am contacting you in regards to my interest in real estate in Portugal.
    I have two reasons to invest in Portugal: 1. I have two rental properties in the US that are profiting well and I’m looking to continue my investment trend for my financial future. I have a fair amount saved up for investing in a new property, but housing prices have become quite unprofitable for rentals here in Washington state. 2. I am also looking at opportunities for moving into the EU to share my life with my girlfriend, who is German, and looking at moving to Portugal in the future. So this rental house could eventually turn into a home later in the future.
    Thank you for the information on your website. I’m looking forward to contacting somebody and seeing what opportunities there are for real estate there and if it’s something I’d be interested in investing in.

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