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Property utilities in Portugal: How to get gas, water, and electricity?

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Getting property utilities in Portugal can be challenging. Once you have found or bought a property in Portugal, setting up utilities is the next step before moving in. It is essential to secure access to utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and internet connection before operating a rental business or moving into your house. Arranging these utilities when renting in Portugal may be overwhelming, especially with the language barriers. This guide will assist you with all you need to know about utilities in Portugal.

Electricity in Portugal

Electricity is one of the most essential property utilities in Portugal. The voltage for electricity is 230 volts, and the standard power plug sockets are Type F. You should ensure that your electrical appliances and devices are compatible with these before using them in the country or having an adapter ready.

There are several electricity suppliers in Portugal. EDP (Energias de Portugal), Endesa, and Iberdrola are the most known. You can find the complete list of accredited suppliers in this link. These companies offer a range of electricity plans and services to both residential and commercial customers. It is advisable to compare their offerings and prices to choose the supplier that best suits your needs.

Electricity prices in Portugal

The cost of electricity in Portugal can vary depending on factors such as the contracted power level, the tariff option chosen, and the energy market conditions. Residential consumers in Portugal can opt for the regulated tariff or choose from various offers in the liberalized market.

To compare the prices of electricity and natural gas commercial offers, you can utilize the energy price simulator provided by the Portuguese Energy Services Regulator Authority (ERSE), which gives more insights into the cost of utilities in Portugal.

How to connect your home to the electricity network?

To connect your home to the electricity network, you first have to request a connection to the electricity grid with the ERSE. You must apply and submit your property for a technical assessment. Once you have an electrical installation, that’s the time to contact an electricity supplier to receive electricity. Note that you can always switch to another supplier when you move to a property with a power connection. 

Tap water in Portugal

The water supply in Portugal varies per region, and there are only limited options since there are only one or two water companies per region.

A common question from people buying property in Portugal is, “Can you drink tap water in Portugal?”. The answer is yes. Tap water in Portugal is generally safe and of good quality. However, if you have specific concerns or prefer a different taste, drinking water in Portugal is available as bottled water.

Cost of water in Portugal

In Portugal, the average cost for an individual living alone is approximately €0.51 ($0.56) per cubic meter of water consumed. Portugal also has a family water tariff for families of five or more, providing lower rates for higher consumption due to the number of persons using water utilities in Portugal.

How to get water in your home?

The process and prices of getting water supply in Portugal vary depending on the region. First, you should request a water supply and provide identification documents and evidence of your right to occupy the property. The water company may require further copies. 

property utilities in portugal

Gas in Portugal

Homes in Portugal often suffer from poor isolation, resulting in discomfort during winter when temperatures drop. The lack of proper isolation makes it challenging to retain heat indoors, leading to a constant struggle to keep homes warm. Additionally, the high natural gas prices in Portugal make upkeep during winter very expensive, resulting in high bills for property utilities in Portugal.

Price of gas in Portugal

To help alleviate the increasing gas prices in Portugal and other countries in the EU, the government entered an arrangement allowing the measure of setting a limit on the gas price at an average of €65 ($70.85) per megawatt-hour. 

How to heat your home in Portugal?

It is worth noting that most electricity providers in Portugal also offer gas connection services, making it more convenient to sign up with the same company for both utilities in Portugal. When requesting an electricity connection, it is advisable to simultaneously request a gas connection, ensuring that both services are set up efficiently.

Several alternatives, including an electric heater, are available for heating your home in Portugal. Electric heaters offer a convenient and relatively affordable option for providing warmth. Generally, primary electric heaters can range from around €30 ($32.70) to €100 ($109).

However, more advanced models with additional functions like programmable timers or energy-saving capabilities may cost between €100 ($109) and €300 ($327).

Internet for your home in Portugal

With a variety of options to choose from, residents can enjoy high-speed home internet in Portugal. Several providers offer competitive internet packages with varying speeds and pricing plans, from fiber-optic connections to cable and DSL.


Multiple internet service providers in Portugal offer internet connections to residential and commercial properties. Some significant home internet providers in Portugal include MEO, NOS, and Vodafone. These companies provide a range of internet packages, including standalone broadband, bundled services (combining internet, TV, and phone), and mobile internet options.

Each ISP has its pricing structure, service quality, and coverage areas. Compare the available options in your location to find the best ISP, but the average cost is €24.97 ($27.22).

How to connect your home to the internet?

Once you’ve found your preferred internet provider, contact them directly or check their websites to request a connection. Make sure to compare plans regarding speed, data limits, contract terms, and pricing beforehand. An installation technician from the ISP will visit your home to set up the necessary equipment and establish an internet connection. 

Television in Portugal

The significant television providers in Portugal include MEO, NOS, Vodafone, and NOWO. They are also internet providers, so you can opt to receive both utilities in Portugal from one company for convenience. The cost of receiving television channels in Portugal varies depending on the provider, package, and additional features you choose. The pricing plans generally include a monthly fee ranging from around €20 ($21.80) to €60 ($65.40) or more. When bundled with internet services, the price may be lower. 

Free-to-air television channels in Portugal are available, providing a selection of public and private channels you can watch with a regular television antenna. This option allows viewers to access a limited number of channels without additional subscription fees.

How to connect to television channels

To receive television channels in Portugal, you typically need a television with an external set-top box provided by the television service provider. The set-top box connects to your television and allows you to access the subscribed channels and services. Most providers also offer streaming services, allowing viewers to watch their favorite tracks and content on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Waste disposal in Portugal

The local municipalities generally manage waste disposal and rubbish collection in Portugal. Under the regulations of waste disposal in Portugal, residents should separate their recyclable products and throw their waste in ecopontos. You can find recycling rules in this link

How to throw your garbage in Portugal?

Local municipalities have varying days and times for rubbish collection in each neighborhood or area. Consult the waste collection calendar or contact the local municipal services to know the designated pick-up days for each type of waste. Following these schedules and placing your waste containers or bins outside your property at the designated collection points before the scheduled pick-up time is crucial. Certain types of waste, such as hazardous materials or large furniture, require special handling. 

Contact your local municipal services for assistance if you encounter any issues or have specific inquiries regarding waste disposal regulations in Portugal. They can guide waste disposal procedures and collection schedules and address any concerns.

Cost of property utilities in Portugal

What is the monthly cost of property utilities in Portugal? An individual should expect to spend a minimum of €163 ($178) for essential utilities every month. 

  • Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage): €110.50 ($120)
  • Mobile phone (monthly plan with calls and 10GB data): €18.50 ($20.17)
  • Internet: €35.04 ($38.19)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are utilities per month in Portugal?

The monthly cost of utilities in Portugal varies depending on consumption, location, and provider. On average, including electricity, water, and gas, Portugal utilities can range from around €100 ($109) to €200 ($218) per month for an average-sized household.

How much is electricity in Portugal?

The cost of electricity in Portugal varies depending on factors such as consumption and provider. On average, electricity prices in Portugal range from approximately €0.16 ($0.17) to €0.18 ($0.20) per kWh.

Can you drink tap water in Portugal?

Yes, drinking water from the tap in Portugal is safe. Water supplies are well-regulated and treated, making them suitable for consumption without additional filtration or purification.

How much is gas in Portugal?

The price of natural gas in Portugal can vary depending on how frequently you are heating your home in Portugal, market conditions, and the provider. On average, the cost of natural gas in Portugal ranges from approximately €0.08 ($0.09) to €0.10 ($0.11) per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

What utilities companies are in Portugal?

Several Portuguese utilities are in operation, providing various services. Some major utility companies in Portugal include EDP (electricity), Águas de Portugal (water), Galp (gas), MEO, NOS, Vodafone, and NOWO (telecommunications). These companies offer a range of services and packages to cater to the needs of residents in Portugal.

How much does water cost in Portugal?

On average, water costs €0.51 ($0.56) per cubic meter of water. The monthly water bills for an average household in Portugal range from approximately €15 ($16.35) to €40 ($43.60).

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in Portugal?

The average cost of installing air conditioning in Portugal is €350 ($382).

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