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Buying property in Tumbak Bayuh: A guide for foreigners

buying property in tumbak bayuh

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Tumbak Bayuh has become a popular area in Bali for property investment due to its proximity to popular places like Canggu and Seminyak, but with a less crowded and more spacious environment. Property prices in Tumbak Bayuh are still relatively low, making it an ideal location to buy a house or build a new villa. However, purchasing property in Tumbak Bayuh may present some challenges. This guide explains everything you need to know about buying real estate in Tumbak Bayuh, Bali.

How can foreigners buy property in Tumbak Bayuh?

In Tumbak Bayuh, Indonesia, foreigners can purchase real estate by adhering to the country’s regulations on foreign property ownership. While full property ownership is exclusive to Indonesian citizens under the Hak Milik (HM) title, foreigners can acquire property in Tumbak Bayuh through various alternatives:

  • Leasehold: These agreements, typically lasting 25 or 30 years, enable foreigners and PT PMAs to invest in residential and commercial properties.
  • PT PMA: Foreigners can utilize a PT PMA to invest in Tumbak Bayuh properties, which can be a source of rental income and may qualify them for a two-year Investor KITAS.
  • Hak Pakai (HP): Foreign nationals with KITAS or KITAP can buy specific properties under the Hak Pakai title, possibly qualifying for the Second Home ITAS, valid for five or ten years.
  • Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB): This title allows foreigners to build and own structures on land owned by Indonesian individuals, businesses, or the government.
  • Passport: Since 2023, the Indonesian government has permitted foreigners to purchase property in Tumbak Bayuh using just their passports, within specific investment and land size limits.

The best way to purchase a property depends on your individual needs and the purpose of the investment. For many foreigners, the leasehold option is preferred because of its simplicity and minimal paperwork. Both individual foreigners and PT PMAs are eligible to acquire property through leasehold. For business-oriented purchases, such as rental properties or hospitality ventures, it is recommended to acquire or lease through a PT PMA, which grants the right to operate businesses in Tumbak Bayuh.

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Finding property in Tumbak Bayuh for sale

Tumbak Bayuh, located north of Canggu, offers unique challenges in finding real estate. Despite its modest size, securing land or a villa in Tumbak Bayuh can be demanding. However, various methods exist for property hunting in Tumbak Bayuh:

  1. Property portals: Most available properties in Tumbak Bayuh are listed on online property platforms, simplifying the search for buyers to find suitable real estate that meets their preferences and requirements.
  2. Real estate brokers: Engaging with a local real estate broker who has listings of land plots and villas in Tumbak Bayuh can be beneficial. They can assist in identifying the ideal property and support throughout the buying process.

Your journey to find property in Tumbak Bayuh doesn’t have to be solitary. Own Property Abroad is ready to help. For more details on our assistance during your property search, please contact us at [email protected].

Real estate prices in Tumbak Bayuh, Bali

Tumbak Bayuh is less crowded than neighboring areas, such as Canggu and Seminyak. Because of that, real estate prices in Tumbak Bayuh are still relatively low compared to more dense areas. Many international investors opt for Tumbak Bayuh for their real estate investors. The real estate market in Tumbak Bayuh offers a variety of properties, including homes, villas, and commercial buildings.

TypeAverage priceAverage price/m2Annual growth
CondominiumIDR 1.35 billion ($82,167)IDR 23.1 million ($1,409)
HouseIDR 3.16 billion ($192,821)IDR 17.64 million ($1,076)+ 10.5%
LandIDR 1.39 billion ($84,973)IDR 2.71 million ($166)+ 24.2%
CommercialIDR 4.3 billion ($261,995)IDR 20 million ($1,220)
Source: Dotproperty

Why invest in Tumbak Bayuh property?

Investing in property in Tumbak Bayuh presents a unique opportunity for those looking to enter the real estate market in Bali. This area offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Undeveloped landscape: Tumbak Bayuh, being less developed compared to other Balinese regions, leaves room for future developments and expansions. Investors can benefit by buying larger properties or land parcels, ideal for both residential and commercial projects.
  2. Affordable pricing: Properties in Tumbak Bayuh are generally more affordable compared to the inflated prices found in more developed areas. This cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for investors seeking to maximize their budget.
  3. Proximity to popular destinations: Tumbak Bayuh is located near bustling tourist hotspots like Canggu and Seminyak. This strategic location enhances the appeal of Tumbak Bayuh properties for rental and resale, offering a compelling blend of tranquility and accessibility.
  4. Quiet and less congested area: There are quieter, less crowded roads, contributing to a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. This benefits residential well-being and makes the region attractive for boutique resorts, wellness retreats, and private villas.

How to start villa rentals in Tumbak Bayuh?

Foreign investors who want to start villa rentals in Tumbak Bayuh can obtain the necessary licenses and certifications. Villa rental operations can be conducted with or without a PT PMA. However, all villa rental operators must obtain a Pondok Wisata license, which authorizes the rental of properties in Tumbak Bayuh to tourists and long-term occupants. This license is a critical requirement for anyone looking to engage in villa rental operations in Tumbak Bayuh.

Property management in Tumbak Bayuh

Efficient property management is essential for the success of your rental property. In Tumbak Bayuh, several property management firms offer specialized services. These services include management of bookings and reservations, marketing efforts, communication with guests, upkeep and cleaning, and financial administration.

Self-managing a property is possible, but there are several benefits to collaborating with a property management company in Tumbak Bayuh. With their expertise, you can expect increased guest bookings, higher occupancy rates, and shorter vacancy periods. These companies handle everything from maintaining the property to handling guest interactions.

Selling real estate in Tumbak Bayuh

Do you want to sell your property in Tumbak Bayuh? Both residents and foreigners can do so by following these steps:

  1. Prepare the property: Enhance the appeal to prospective buyers by cleaning, fixing, and staging the property. Hire a professional photographer to elevate its attractiveness.
  2. Set the right price: Set a competitive price based on a thorough market analysis.
  3. List your property on marketplaces: Advertise your property on various social media channels and real estate websites, including our property marketplace. For personalized support, reach out to us at [email protected].
  4. Prepare legal documentation: Gather all required legal documents, such as the title deed and transfer agreement. Engage with a legal consultant to ensure adherence to Indonesian property regulations.
  5. Negotiate with potential buyers: Assess offers, verify buyer credibility through due diligence, and negotiate favorable terms. A real estate agent can assist in achieving the best sale price.
  6. Close the deal: Conclude the deal by signing the sales contract and transferring property ownership. Make sure to settle all relevant transfer charges and property sales taxes.

Buy property in Tumbak Bayuh with Own Property Abroad

Do you want to buy property in Tumbak Bayuh? Own Property Abroad can assist you and ensure a seamless and hassle-free property journey, whether selling or buying real estate in Tumbak Bayuh. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the local market, we can help with legal requirements, finding suitable properties, negotiating the best deals, and conducting due diligence.

With our expert team, you won’t have to navigate the complexities of the Indonesian real estate market alone. For further information on how we can assist you, kindly drop your details below or email us at [email protected]. Let’s start working on your property success story today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy beachfront property in Tumbak Bayuh?

Buying beachfront property in Tumbak Bayuh is impossible as the area is not located near the shore of Bali. However, Tumbak Bayuh is only ten minutes away from Canggu, making the beach and sea accessible for regular visits.

How to find luxury property in Tumbak Bayuh?

You can find luxury property in Tumbak Bayuh by working with a local real estate agent or checking our property website. There is a lot of luxury real estate in Tumbak Bayuh.

Where can you find a property in Tumbak Bayuh for sale?

You can find property in Tumbak Bayuh for sale by working with a local real estate agent or checking our property website. Many properties are for sale in Tumbak Bayuh, from land and townhouses to villas and commercial buildings.

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