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Canggu or Uluwatu: Which place is better to buy property?

buy property in canggu or uluwatu bali
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Many foreigners feel like they have to choose between Canggu and Uluwatu, whether it’s for their holiday destination or real estate investment. Both places have their own benefits and drawbacks, making it difficult to decide which one is better. This article provides a clear overview of whether Canggu or Uluwatu is the better option for buying property for investment or personal residence.

How is life in Canggu?

Canggu is popular among digital nomads and surfers. The town has numerous cafes, restaurants, and beach clubs. It has a diverse and active community made up of both Indonesians and foreigners. The amenities in Canggu provide a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle, offering many opportunities for socializing and networking. It’s an ideal place for those who enjoy an energetic environment and want to be part of a strong community consisting of both Indonesian nationals and foreigners, whether for short or long-term stays.

How is life in Uluwatu?

Life in Uluwatu is relaxing and peaceful, mainly because the town is famous for its serene environment and breathtaking ocean views. Uluwatu has numerous hidden beaches that attract surfers who are looking for a quieter experience. The community in Uluwatu is smaller and more laid-back compared to Canggu, although it has been growing for a few years. Nonetheless, Uluwatu offers a more tranquil living environment, making the town perfect for those who prefer a slower pace of life, close to nature, and away from busier tourist areas.

What are the differences between Uluwatu and Canggu?

While both are located in Bali, Uluwatu and Canggu have many differences. Canggu, with its numerous cafes, beach clubs, and active community, is known for its lively and busy atmosphere, attracting digital nomads and surfers. On the other hand, Uluwatu is quieter and more relaxed, known for its beautiful ocean views and hidden beaches. The choice between Canggu or Uluwatu depends on whether you prefer an energetic or peaceful lifestyle.


Regarding accommodation, Canggu offers modern, stylish villas that blend tropical design elements, appealing to those who appreciate contemporary living spaces. However, many villas are being built in Canggu and its surrounding areas in 2024, leading to a lot of noise, dust, and extra traffic, which can be a nuisance. On the other hand, Uluwatu provides spacious, luxurious villas with stunning ocean views, catering to those who prefer a more upscale, serene environment. Currently, there is less construction in Uluwatu, making it a quieter area to live in.


Canggu offers a vibrant nightlife, with numerous beach clubs and bars that are perfect for socializing and entertainment. Just 20 minutes away from Canggu is Seminyak, which is well-known for its abundance of clubs and bars. Uluwatu, on the other hand, offers a quieter nightlife focused on sunset spots and occasional beach parties, providing a more relaxed evening experience. Notable clubs such as Savaya and Ulu are located in the Uluwatu area.


Canggu offers a variety of boutique shops and local markets, providing a range of shopping options for both locals and tourists. Currently, there are no big malls located in Canggu, but you can find them in Seminyak and Kuta, which are located about 40 minutes from Canggu. Uluwatu has fewer shopping options, focusing more on local crafts and beachwear, which are suitable for those who prefer a simpler shopping experience. The closest shopping mall is Beachwalk, which is located in Kuta, 30 minutes from Uluwatu.

Dining scene

Canggu offers various dining options, including international cafes and restaurants catering to different tastes. In recent years, many new restaurants have opened in Canggu, and more restaurants are expected to open in neighboring areas such as Cemagi, Seseh, and Pererenan. Uluwatu has a more laid-back dining atmosphere, focusing on seafood and local cuisine, making it ideal for those who prefer a quieter dining experience. However, it’s expected that many restaurants and bars will open in Uluwatu in the coming years as the town continues to gain popularity.

property investment in canggu or uluwatu


Canggu’s beaches are popular and lively, drawing surfers and beachgoers with their vibrant atmosphere. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach, Nelayan Beach, and Echo Beach are famous beaches in and around Canggu. Meanwhile, Uluwatu’s beaches are more secluded, known for their natural beauty and clear waters, perfect for those seeking a peaceful beach experience. Pantai Melasti, Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach, and Pantai Green Bowl are some of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu.

It’s important to note that many Uluwatu beaches are difficult to access. In many cases, you have to descend the cliff and then make your way back up, which is often quite a workout. On the other hand, reaching the beaches in Canggu can be challenging due to heavy traffic, especially around sunset. Keep this in mind.

Surf spots

Both Canggu and Uluwatu are well-known for surfing. Canggu offers consistent waves suitable for all levels. However, the sea at Canggu is often very busy, accommodating both novice and experienced surfers. This can make it challenging to find a spot during popular times, such as early morning or late in the day. On the other hand, Uluwatu is renowned for its challenging surf spots, attracting more experienced surfers. The sea at Uluwatu is rougher and more dangerous due to the rocks, making it only suitable for experienced surfers.

Things to do

Canggu offers a variety of activities, including yoga, fitness classes, and cultural tours, catering to an active lifestyle. However, many people find Canggu boring because there are not many cultural or fun activities within the area. In most cases, you have to go outside Canggu, such as to Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, or Denpasar. On the other hand, Uluwatu is perfect for exploring hidden beaches, surfing, and relaxing by the ocean, making it ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Uluwatu also offers numerous cultural places and activities, such as the famous Uluwatu Temple and traditional kecak dance show.

Coworking spaces

Canggu is known for its many coworking spaces and is a favorite among digital nomads, offering a great work environment. Popular coworking spaces in Canggu include B Work, Tropical Nomad, and Tribal, attracting both foreigners and Indonesians, mainly from Java. On the other hand, Uluwatu has fewer coworking options, appealing more to those looking for a calm work environment. The Space, Co. Op Coworking, and Habitat Village are well-liked coworking spaces in Uluwatu. Additionally, B Work is currently building a new coworking space in Uluwatu, which is expected to be completed by 2025.

Is Canggu or Uluwatu better to live?

When deciding between living in Canggu or Uluwatu, your choice should be based on your preferences. Canggu is vibrant, with numerous cafes, beach clubs, and a strong community. However, it has drawbacks such as ongoing construction, noise, dust, and heavy traffic due to inadequate urban planning. On the other hand, Uluwatu is tranquil and offers breathtaking ocean views with less congestion. Although accessing beaches in Uluwatu can be challenging and construction is more complicated, it provides a more peaceful living environment. The planned road improvements in Uluwatu may make it more accessible, adding to its attractiveness.

Uluwatu vs. Canggu for property investment

Investing in property in Canggu can provide high short-term returns because of its popularity among digital nomads and tourists. However, the area is rapidly developing, leading to noise, dust, and heavy traffic, which could impact its appeal. Additionally, the current high rental yields may decrease once the construction boom ends, potentially lowering future rental rates. The oversaturation of properties could also pose a risk to long-term investment returns, so it’s essential to carefully evaluate the market conditions.

In contrast, buying property in Uluwatu presents a promising long-term investment opportunity. With fewer developments and less congestion, it offers a more tranquil environment, attracting buyers looking for a peaceful retreat. Property prices in Uluwatu are currently lower than in Canggu, providing more value for money. Additionally, planned infrastructure improvements, such as the new road to Uluwatu, will enhance accessibility and likely boost property values. Despite construction challenges, such as building on rocky terrain, the potential for high-end luxury rentals and appreciation makes Uluwatu an attractive option for property investors seeking sustainable growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get from Canggu to Uluwatu?

To get from Canggu to Uluwatu, you can drive, hire a taxi or a private driver, or take the boat. The journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Taking a boat takes around 45 minutes.

Is Canggu or Uluwatu better for property investment?

Uluwatu is better for long-term property investment due to its lower prices, upcoming infrastructure improvements, and serene environment. Canggu offers high short-term ROI but faces risks from overdevelopment and potential rental rate drops. Whether Canggu or Uluwatu is better, depends on your investment strategy and preference.

How far is Uluwatu from Canggu?

Uluwatu is approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Canggu. Travel time varies between 1.5 to 2 hours due to traffic. It’s also possible to go by boat, which takes less time.

Is Uluwatu a good place to buy property?

Yes, Uluwatu is a good place to buy property. It offers serene environments and stunning ocean views and is less congested than other areas. With new infrastructure projects underway, property values are expected to rise.

Is Canggu or Uluwatu better for families?

Uluwatu is better for families seeking a quieter, more peaceful environment with less traffic and pollution. Canggu, while vibrant, faces noise, dust, and traffic issues due to ongoing development.

Are house prices in Uluwatu cheaper than in Canggu?

Yes, house prices in Uluwatu are generally cheaper than in Canggu. Uluwatu offers more space and fewer traffic problems, making it an attractive option for buyers.

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