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How much is the land price in Bali?

buy land in bali
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The land prices in Bali have experienced a noticeable increase in the past few years. During the pandemic, the land prices in Bali plummeted, but the prices started to rise again soon after. If you plan to buy land in Bali, this article will give you an overview of the current land prices and inform you about the costs involved in buying land in Bali.

What are the average land prices in Bali?

Bali offers an average land price of IDR 1.7 million ($104) per square meter, with an average rent price of IDR 14 million ($854). The gross rental yield on land in Bali is 9.4%, making it a favorable opportunity for those looking to venture into the market.

Bali land prices per area and village

Bali offers many sought-after locations, each with its unique charm and price tag. Land prices in Bali differ considerably from one area to another, often based on factors like proximity to tourist hotspots, accessibility, and the inherent appeal of the village or region. While certain areas command high rates due to their high demand, it’s promising to note that there are places in Bali where one can find reasonably priced land, offering both value and a piece of this island’s paradise.

LocationAverage buy priceAverage price per m2
CangguIDR 1.9 billion ($115,900)IDR 3.4 million ($207)
UluwatuIDR 279 million ($17,019)IDR 1.4 million ($85.40)
UbudIDR 2.66 billion ($162,382)IDR 3.41 million ($208)
SeminyakIDR 3.32 billion ($202,276)IDR 7.18 million ($438)
SanurIDR 872.22 million ($53,205)IDR 2.6 million ($158)
Lovina/SingarajaIDR 279 million ($17,019)IDR 1.4 million ($85.40)


Over the last few years, Canggu has become the most popular village in Bali. Many tourists, expats, and digital nomads visited Canggu or moved there. Canggu has much to offer: beaches, nice restaurants and bars, a vibrant nightlife, many spas, and good coworking spaces. Many foreigners decided to buy land in Canggu, which made the price of land rise over the last couple of years. As a result, buying land in Canggu is way more expensive than in villages such as Singaraja or Uluwatu.

The average average land price in Canggu is IDR 1.9 billion ($115,900), while the average land price per square meter is IDR 3.4 million ($207).


Uluwatu is known for its stunning cliff views but should also be known for its affordable land prices. These prices make Uluwatu an attractive option for potential investors. In addition to its renowned surf breaks and pristine beaches, Uluwatu is famous for its picturesque mile-long white sand beaches and stunning limestone cliffs along the coastline. This remote destination is particularly favored by tourists seeking a relaxed and laid-back experience and photographers searching for their next aesthetic snaps.

The average average land price in Canggu is IDR 279 million ($17,019), while the average land price per square meter is IDR 1.4 million ($85.40).

land prices in bali

Lovina and Singaraja

Lovina and Singaraja are located in the north of Bali and are both famous for being authentic. These villages are less visited than cities such as Canggu, Kuta, Ubud, and Sanur, which makes the price of land in Lovina and Singaraja way lower.

The north of Bali is less visited than the south, but at the same time, more and more people are discovering the island’s northern part. This offers foreigners who want to buy land in Bali a unique opportunity. What also offers an opportunity is that there are plans to build a new airport near Singaraja. Might this become a reality, Singaraja land prices will probably rise in this area.

The average average land price in Lovina and Singaraja is IDR 279 million ($17,019), while the average land price per square meter is IDR 1.4 million ($85.40).

How can foreigners buy land in Bali?

Foreigners can buy land in Bali, although there are limitations. Foreigners can’t buy land under the Hak Milik (HM) title, only available to Indonesian nationals. Instead of HM, foreigners can purchase land under a leasehold title, valid for 25 years and extendable up to 80 years, or through a PT PMA, which is a foreign-owned company. As PT PMA can buy freehold land in Bali, this option comes closest to full foreign ownership.

Calculate the estimated land cost in Bali

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Bali’s real estate market is experiencing a rapid boom, with land prices on the rise. It’s crucial to secure your plot of land as soon as possible to take advantage of this trend. Now that we’ve addressed how much land costs in Bali, we hope investing in the island’s real estate seems less daunting. Although navigating the legal process can be challenging, seeking professional advice will significantly increase your chances of success in this venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bali land expensive?

Bali land is not expensive compared to Western countries. However, land prices in Bali have increased over the last year, and prices depend on the location and size. Seminyak and Canggu are currently more expensive than other regions, such as Lovina and Singaraja.

Is it safe to invest in Bali?

It is safe to invest in Bali, especially with government efforts encouraging foreign investment. However, it is still best to do so with the help of real estate professionals to help keep matters safe and legal. 

How can a foreigner own land in Indonesia?

Foreigners can not own land in Indonesia, as only Indonesian nationals can own land under the Hak Milik land title. However, foreigners can still own or use land through leasehold or by establishing a PT PMA, which allows foreigners to use the land for a specific period.

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