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Costs of property maintenance and repairs in Bali

villa repairs and maintenance in bali

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Owning a home in Bali also requires maintaining it appropriately, which can be costly. This article will explore the various maintenance costs associated with owning a property in Bali and provide tips on managing them effectively. 

What are common villa repair problems in Bali?

Homeowners usually have to dig deep in their pockets for villa repair costs. The most common culprits are plumbing problems, leaking issues, or problems with the air conditioning. Issues in plumbing include leaking faucets and clogged drains, which, when left unattended, can disrupt your daily routine and incur a higher water bill. Similarly, roof leaks may be frustrating, especially when only discovered during a rainy day when you can only temporarily address the cause. 

Other common problems include faulty electrical wires, structural issues, malfunctioning cooling and heating systems, and pests. These are serious concerns that homeowners should look out for to avoid further damage and expenses.

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How much do property maintenance and repairs cost in Bali?

Property maintenance and repair costs depend on several factors, such as the type of property, type of problem/maintenance, and property size. The following are the average hourly rates in Bali:

  • Plumber: IDR 108,291 ($6.82) per hour
  • Electrician: IDR 112,088 ($7.06) per hour
  • Carpenter: IDR 97,488 ($6.14) per hour
  • Handyman: IDR 77,582 ($4.89) per hour
  • Pool maintenance: IDR 65,417 ($4.12) per hour
  • Groundskeeper: IDR 37,730 ($2.38) per hour
costs of property maintenance and villa repairs
Villa repairs in Bali can be costly if not maintained regularly

How to schedule your villa maintenance in Bali?

As a property owner, it is your priority that your tenants have a safe and comfortable stay in Bali. One way to ensure this is to anticipate that issues will occur regularly. It is best to plan the maintenance for your villa in Bali.

You can do maintenance monthly or yearly. It includes regular inspection of plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC systems, which are potentially hazardous. It would help to check roof conditions, windows, and foundations. To stay on top of maintenance, monthly maintenance is best. Although it may be costly, it guarantees that tenants leave good reviews and attract potential guests.

The easiest way to maintain your property in Bali

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands to regularly visit your properties? One of the easiest ways to manage property maintenance is working with a property manager in Bali. A property manager can ease your worries and help keep your property in prime condition, allowing you to focus on other important matters.

One of the primary benefits of hiring a property manager is that they can handle routine maintenance, basic repairs, and upkeep. It can include everything from mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters to fixing leaky faucets and addressing electrical issues. Property managers also have a network of trusted professionals to call on when you require repairs. 

Work with the best property manager in Bali

When you entrust a property manager in Bali with the upkeep of your villa or property, you save time and reduce stress. Imagine saying goodbye to concerns over bookings, cleaning, or guest communications. A property manager in Bali ensures seamless check-ins and check-outs, maintains the security of your property, and adeptly manages all reservations. You also can delegate just a single aspect of these tasks to the property manager.

With our expert team, you won’t have to navigate the complexities of property management in Bali alone. For further information on how we can assist you, kindly drop your details below or email us at [email protected].

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In a place like Bali, where tourists expect the most hospitable treatment, your properties have no room for maintenance issues. This is especially true regarding villas since Bali is known worldwide for them. It is crucial to prioritize maintenance and ensure that your properties are in excellent condition to help attract more guests. Investing in regular maintenance and working with professionals, such as property managers and trusted handypersons, ensures your properties are always in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a villa cost in Bali?

The average price for Bali villas is IDR 14 million ($882) per square meter, while the average rent price is IDR 94 million ($5,922). The gross rental yield on villas in Bali is 44.8%.

Is it worth owning a villa in Bali?

Whether it’s worth owning a villa in Bali depends on your financial situation, investment goals, and personal preferences. Bali’s tourism industry is thriving, and villas can be a profitable investment, but it’s essential to consider maintenance costs, taxes, and property management.

How much does Bali villa management cost?

Property management costs vary depending on the agreement between the parties, considering factors such as location, property size, and extent of surveillance. In Bali, total villa management typically costs an average of 20% of the monthly rental or a fixed rate of approximately IDR 4 million ($252).

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