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Where to buy furniture in Bali for your villa?

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Bali is known for its furniture and interior design. Still, many who live here wonder where to buy furniture in Bali for their villa. Furniture shopping in Bali is easy as the island has many interior shops that sell different kinds of pieces, such as rattan furniture, custom furniture, wooden furniture, dressers, chairs, tables, and beds. Knowing the best interior stores in Bali makes furnishing your villa easier, as does working with a Balinese interior designer.

Where to buy furniture in Bali?

Those who want to know where to buy furniture in Bali have a lot of choices, as the island has a wide range of furniture. Many options suit all tastes and budgets, from rustic woodwork furniture to sleek modern designs. Here are some of the best options where to buy furniture in Bali:

  • Furniture malls and showrooms: The most comfortable way to shop for furniture in Bali is by visiting furniture malls and showrooms. You will find many furniture stores in Seminyak and Kerobokan, as these areas are home to numerous high-end furniture showrooms featuring both Balinese and international designs. You can also find an IKEA showroom in Kuta.
  • Local markets: For an authentic shopping experience, visit local markets in Ubud and Kerobokan. Here, you find traditional Balinese furniture, often handcrafted and made from natural materials like teak and rattan.
  • Custom furniture makers: Bali is famous for its woodcraft. Places like Ubud and Tegallalang are hubs for artisans specializing in custom-made furniture. People here can create pieces tailored to your specific requirements, whether you’re looking for intricate carvings or contemporary designs.
  • Online furniture in Bali: Several Bali-based e-commerce platforms sell furniture. These platforms allow you to browse through a range of products and have them delivered to your villa.

Where to buy furniture in Bali also depends on the type of furniture you want.

where to buy furniture in bali

7 best furniture stores in Bali

These are the seven best furniture interior shops in Bali where many people go to buy furniture:

  • Kim Soo Home in Seminyak: Kim Soo Home is a haven for boho-chic furniture enthusiasts. With an expansive array of furniture and homewares, this store is known for its beautiful aesthetic and eclectic styles featuring wood, metal, textiles, stone, grass, and paper. Whether furnishing a villa or decorating your room, Kim Soo Home is the perfect place for furniture shopping.
  • Lio Collection in Kerobokan: Lio Collection is famous for its rattan and bamboo creations. The store’s offerings encompass many home-making pieces, including leather and wood furniture, lighting, and handcrafted paintings. This treasure trove is a must-visit for those who love sustainable and natural materials and want to add an exotic touch to their space.
  • Balquisse Living in Seminyak: Balquisse Living is a shop with many home decorating pieces. Housing four different brands, Balquisse Living offers everything from Bali outdoor furniture to Bali teak furniture and antiques. The store is primarily known for its diverse range and high-quality products under one roof.
  • Warisan Living Furniture Showroom in Kerobokan: Warisan is an international brand with a diverse mix of quality rustic and contemporary furniture in Bali. Using local resources like wood, rattan, stone, and shells, Warisan produces both indoor and Bali outdoor furniture rich in quality and aesthetics. Their designs are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room.
  • Heveya in Canggu: Heveya specializes in eco-friendly mattresses and pillows and is the perfect store for those seeking sustainable and health-beneficial products. Heveya is a must-visit for anyone looking to invest in natural latex mattresses and pillows that are comfortable and supportive, ensuring a serene slumber.
  • Ikat Gallery in Kerobokan: Ikat Gallery is like a museum for Indonesian art and luxury home decor. It specializes in Indonesian antique furniture, home decor, jewelry, and textiles. The exclusive pieces at Ikat Gallery are hand-selected from different islands in Indonesia, making it an idyllic place to find beautiful souvenirs and heirlooms.
  • Teckococo in Denpasar: Teckococo is one of Bali’s longest-reigning wood furniture manufacturers known for its timeless and contemporary designs covering outdoor and indoor furniture, such as Bali teak furniture. All of Teckococo’s products use sustainable tropical plantation wood from Java, blending environmental sustainability with functionality and design. This treasure trove is ideal for finding pieces that harmonize with nature.

Those who want furniture from Bali have many options to go to. Make sure to buy furniture made from high-quality materials, especially when you are furnishing a villa that will be used for rental purposes.

Bali interior design

The idea of importing Balinese furniture has gained popularity across the globe. Bali has a unique style that seamlessly blends traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. Bali’s interior design uses natural materials, especially wood and rattan. Using Bali custom furniture handcrafted by local artisans adds authenticity and warmth to any space.

Those who want to furnish their villa in Bali can do this alone by going to one of the furniture stores on our list or working with a Bali interior architect. Bali villa interior design often emphasizes openness and a connection with nature. Combining Balinese architecture with interior elements such as traditional textiles and natural materials can create a serene and luxurious space.

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When considering where to buy furniture in Bali, the options are plentiful. From beautiful rattan pieces to Bali teak furniture and even rental furniture, Bali has it all. Not only are there physical stores, but furniture online in Bali is also accessible. Whether you’re looking for pieces for your home or seeking to import Balinese furniture, the island’s rich offerings and skilled craftsmanship make it a perfect destination for furniture shopping in Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to buy wholesale Bali furniture?

The cost of buying wholesale furniture in Bali can vary widely depending on the type, quality, and materials used. On average, prices for wholesale furniture range from IDR 800,000 ($48.80) to IDR 15 million ($915) or more per piece. For instance, simple rattan chairs might cost around IDR 800,000 ($48.80) to IDR 1.5 million ($91.50), while solid teak wood tables can range from IDR 3.5 million ($214) to IDR 1.5 million ($91.50) and above. It’s also important to consider additional Bali furniture costs when purchasing wholesale furniture from Bali, such as shipping and taxes.

Where can I buy rattan furniture in Bali?

Bali is famous for its high-quality rattan furniture, and there are several places where you can purchase it. Some notable stores include Lio Collection in Kerobokan (known for its exquisite rattan and bamboo creations), Balquisse Living in Seminyak (offers a range of rattan furniture and other home décor items), Carga in Seminyak (offers a variety of rattan pieces, including chairs, baskets, and tables), and Warisan Living Furniture Showroom in Kerobokan (selection of rattan furniture and other natural materials). You can also find rattan furniture at local markets such as the Ubud Market.

Where to buy teak furniture in Bali?

Teak furniture is popular in Bali and can be found in numerous stores across the island. Some recommended places to buy teak furniture include Teckococo in Denpasar (wood furniture manufacturer specializing in teak products), Warisan Living Furniture Showroom in Kerobokan (rustic and contemporary teak furniture, Jalan Raya in Kerobokan (street in Kerobokan lined with numerous teak furniture stores), Uma Ubud in Ubud. Always ensure that the teak is sourced sustainably and that the store is reputable to ensure the quality of your purchase.

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