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What is Building Permit (IMB) in Indonesia?

imb building permit in indonesia

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If you plan to buy property in Indonesia, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the local property market, licenses, and permits is crucial. Previously, the IMB permit (Building Permit) held importance, but since November 2021, it has been replaced by PBG (Building Approval) in Indonesia. Understanding the transition from IMB to PBG is essential for navigating the Indonesian property landscape.

What is IMB in Indonesia?

IMB stood for Izin Mendirikan Bangunan and was a license granted by the government that was needed to be able to construct a building. That’s why IMB is also called a Building Permit in Indonesia. However, the Indonesian government stopped issuing and requiring the IMB Building Permit. Since November 2021, the IMB Building Permit was replaced with the Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung (PBG), the Building Approval permit.

IMB was a building registration document that explained the purpose of a building. A building could only be used as described in the IMB permit. IMB in Bali was one of the most important property permits because the law stated that all buildings in Bali, Jakarta, and other Indonesian regions, must have the IMB Building Permit. The owner of the building was responsible for obtaining the IMB building license.

PBG replaced IMB in November 2021

The Indonesian government introduced Regulation 16/2021, which replaced the IMB Building Permit with the PBG Building Approval. Foreigners owning property in Indonesia don’t need to obtain IMB anymore but must get the PBG Building Approval in Indonesia to start the construction. You can read more about this license in our guide on Building Approval PBG.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IMB in Indonesia?

IMB, also known as Izin Mendirikan Bangunan, is a Building Permit in Indonesia. It is a legal requirement for constructing buildings and ensures safety and zoning regulations compliance. The IMB certifies that the building design and construction align with the approved plans and meet the necessary standards set by local authorities.

What is the new name of IMB?

Since November 2021, the IMB permit has been replaced by PBG (Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung) in Indonesia. PBG, or Building Approval, is the new regulatory framework for approving building construction projects. It ensures that buildings comply with safety and design standards and conform to the designated land allocations.

How much does IMB cost in Indonesia?

The cost of obtaining an IMB in Indonesia can vary depending on the building project’s location, size, and complexity. Fees can differ between regions and local government regulations. It is advisable to consult with the local authorities or engage the services of professionals, such as architects or consultants, who can provide accurate cost estimates based on the specific project details and location.

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Your guide to buying property in Indonesia

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