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6 steps to list your villa in Indonesia on Airbnb for property rentals

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Airbnb is a well-known platform for booking accommodations in Indonesia for tourists. Whether you are looking for villas in Bali or Lombok, apartments in Jakarta, or guest houses in other popular tourist spots across Indonesia, you can find all these options on Airbnb. If you own a property in Indonesia and want to rent it out, you might also be interested in listing it on Airbnb.

How to list your property in Indonesia on Airbnb?

If you own a property and want to rent it out, you can easily create an account on Airbnb’s website. Listing your property in Indonesia on Airbnb takes only ten to twenty minutes. To register and list your property on Airbnb, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sign-up page to register yourself.
  2. Enter the location, amount of guests you can host, and the type of property, and click on Get Started.
  3. Click again on Get Started and Next to choose the type of property you want to list.
  4. Answer all questions in the following steps.
  5. Airbnb will check your property and email you once your listing is approved.
  6. It can take 72 hours before your property is listed in the search results on the platform.

Tip: Use high-quality pictures

The first three pictures are the most important. Make sure these high-quality photos show as much of the property as possible. Listings with clear images that show a clean property get more bookings. Need professional photos? Consider hiring a professional photographer. A professional photographer costs money, but you will recoup the costs more than once.

Pricing of your Indonesian property

You can set the nightly price of your property. Airbnb will automatically calculate and show the price range of identical properties in your area. Starting with a lower price is recommended to get some bookings, receive more reviews, and build a reputation. Once you have had some bookings and received good reviews, you could increase the nightly price of your property.

Best booking software in Indonesia


Airbnb is the most used platform for renting holiday homes in Indonesia. Use the many people who use Airbnb to find a house of villa in Indonesia by hosting your property on the platform.

Why use Airbnb for property rentals in Indonesia?

Do you own a villa in Bali, an apartment in Jakarta, or hotel rooms in another Indonesian city? You might be looking for booking software to rent your property in Indonesia. Airbnb is a popular platform, and there are several reasons to use Airbnb for property rentals in Indonesia:

  1. A large amount of users: The platform is used worldwide and has a lot of users, so you expose your property to a big audience. Many people use Airbnb to find accommodation for their holiday in Bali, Lombok, and any other destination in Indonesia.
  2. Building a reputation: People can leave a review on your property. This way, you can build a reputation on the platform. The more and the better the reviews, the more likely guests want to stay at your villa or apartment.
  3. The platform is easy to use: Users can easily find accommodations and make reservations within minutes.
  4. Commission-based pricing: As a host, you only pay a flat fee on the subtotal price once a booking is made. You don’t pay any cost for listing your property.
  5. Payment handling: Guests pay on the platform, and Airbnb will pay all hosts out once the payment is received.

How much does it cost to list your property on Airbnb?

Airbnb charges a 3% fee per booking to hosts of property in Indonesia. Guests pay a 14% fee for booking accommodation in Indonesia. The costs are paid over the subtotal price.

Property management in Indonesia with Own Property Abroad

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Airbnb allowed in Indonesia?

Yes, Airbnb is perfectly legal in Indonesia. It is, in fact, one of the most popular booking software for property owners. Another popular accommodation platform in Indonesia is Booking.com.

Is there a fee to list on Airbnb?

Yes, there is a fee to list a property on Airbnb. Airbnb charges hosts a percentage-based service fee on each reservation. In Indonesia, the rate is 3% per booking.

Can you rent out your villa in Bali?

Yes! You can start villa rentals in Bali. However, you must comply with local regulations and possess the licenses and permits to rent your property legally. It is essential to consult a lawyer or real estate agent to ensure compliance.

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Get help with property management in Indonesia

Free e-book
Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying Property in Indonesia

Get help with property management in Indonesia

Leave your name and email below – Our property expert will reach out to assist you with property management in Indonesia.