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Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) in Indonesia: How to apply?

police clearance certificate in indonesia

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When it comes to investing in real estate abroad, it’s crucial for foreigners to understand the legal requirements and procedures involved. If you are considering investing in Indonesian real estate, one important document you need to be aware of is the Police Clearance Certificate, also known as SKCK (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian).

What is a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK)?

A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by the Indonesian National Police that verifies an individual’s criminal record or lack thereof. It serves as proof of good behavior and character.

For foreigners interested in buying or engaging in real estate transactions in Indonesia, obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate may be a mandatory requirement. This certificate ensures that prospective buyers are law-abiding citizens and have no criminal history that may pose a risk to the country’s security or public order.

Why do foreigners need a Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia?

Foreigners looking to invest in Indonesian real estate must comply with local regulations and obtain necessary permits and documents. The requirement for a Police Clearance Certificate aims to maintain the integrity of the real estate market and safeguard national security.

By obtaining this certificate, foreign investors can demonstrate their trustworthiness to potential sellers, partners, and authorities involved in the transaction process. It instills confidence among stakeholders that they are dealing with individuals who have clean backgrounds and can contribute positively to the local community.

In addition, some property developers may request a Police Clearance Certificate from potential buyers as part of their due diligence process. This requirement ensures that the property is being sold to individuals who meet the necessary legal and ethical standards.

How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) in Indonesia

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia involves several steps. Here is a guide on how foreigners can apply for the SKCK in Indonesia:

  1. Check eligibility: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the Indonesian National Police for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate as a foreigner. Only Indonesian citizens and foreigners who have a stay permit (KITAS or KITAP), or had a stay permit in the past.
  2. Prepare required documents: Gather all the necessary documents, including your passport, visa, proof of address, and any other identification documents required by the police authorities.
  3. Visit local police station: Go to your local police station or immigration office where you reside in Indonesia. Inform them about your intention to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate.
  4. Submit the application: Fill out the application form provided by the police authorities accurately and honestly. Attach all required documents and submit them along with your application form.
  5. Fingerprinting: You may be requested to provide your fingerprints for identity verification purposes. Follow the instructions given by the police officer in charge.
  6. Pick up your certificate: Once your application is processed, you will be notified to collect your Police Clearance Certificate from the designated office or through an online portal if available.

Note that processing times may vary depending on various factors such as location, workload, and administrative procedures. It’s advisable to start the application process well in advance of any planned real estate transactions to avoid delays or complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get a Police Clearance Certificate in Bali?

To obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) in Bali, visit your local police station with the necessary documents. Fill out the application form, submit the documents, and pay the fee. The process typically takes a few days to a week

Where can I get a Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia?

A Police Clearance Certificate, known as SKCK, can be obtained at the local police station (POLRES) nearest to your residence in Indonesia. For residents in Jakarta, the main office is at POLDA Metro Jaya.

Can I get an Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate online?

Currently, Indonesia does not offer an online service for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK). Applicants need to visit a local police station in person. However, some services may assist with the process remotely for those outside Indonesia.

How can someone get a criminal record in Indonesia?

An individual can get a criminal record in Indonesia by committing and being formally convicted of a crime under Indonesian law. This process typically involves an investigation by law enforcement, followed by a legal trial where evidence is presented and assessed by a court. If found guilty, the conviction is recorded in the national criminal database, resulting in a criminal record for the individual.

How much does the Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia cost?

The cost of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) in Indonesia ranges between IDR 30,000 ($1.89) to IDR 100,000 ($6.30), depending on the police station and region.

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