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Property security in Indonesia: 5 Essential tips to secure your rental property

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Property security in Indonesia is something to take seriously. Indonesia is known for its beautiful islands, tropical climate, and big cities. While the country offers many benefits to foreigners who own real estate here, staying aware of the security of rental property in Indonesia is still essential. Although the country has a low crime rate, burglaries and non-violent break-ins occur daily. There are several measures property owners can take to ensure property security in Indonesia.

Understanding property security and safety in Indonesia

Over the last few years, crime rates in Indonesia have been stable, according to the Indonesian National Police, with even a slight decrease in the overall crime rate. There are occasional spikes in certain regions in Indonesia, mostly in major urban centers like Jakarta and Surabaya, but this has yet to lead to unsafe situations for foreigners or Indonesian nationals. According to the Indonesian National Police, there were 1.2 million criminal cases in 2020, with theft being the most reported crime.

Theft of vehicles (cars and motorbikes), pickpocketing, armed car-jacking, personal robberies, and non-violent residential break-ins occur in Indonesia. However, compared with many other countries, these crimes happen less often. You can increase your property security in Indonesia and avoid becoming a victim of one of these crimes, including having a reliable security system and making the property less attractive to criminals.

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5 tips for property security in Indonesia

There are several steps for better rental property security in Indonesia.

Tip 1: Always maintain the property

Sometimes, you are off your property for several days, weeks, or months. It’s important to keep maintaining the property. Ask household staff to take a visit for cleaning or checking regularly. These visits can reduce the appearance of neglect, making your property less attractive to criminals.

Tip 2: Get to know your neighbors

Building relationships with neighbors is especially important within the Indonesian culture. Contact with neighbors improves social relations and creates a community that looks out for each other. Is there something wrong with your land or property? Then, your neighbors will contact you directly to inform you.

Tip 3: Buy an insurance

Even the best property security in Indonesia cannot always keep criminals away. That’s why you might want to buy a property insurance. Although property insurance won’t keep the criminals away, it will protect you from the loss you might suffer from theft or burglary.

Tip 4: Install a security system

Installing a security system will deter criminals. Several security cameras store data on the cloud and let you watch images from the camera anytime and anywhere. Alarms and locks can also deter potential burglars. It’s wise to install a security system when you have a house or villa in Indonesia. The use of security cameras is especially recommended in tourist areas like Bali.

Tip 5: Hire a property management company

It could be wise to hire an Indonesian property management company regarding property security in Indonesia. These companies have experience and expertise in securing property and know which measures to take for optimal safety. They have employees who can perform regular property maintenance, reducing the appearance of neglect and making the property less attractive to potential burglars.

Companies that offer villa management can monitor your property using security cameras and respond quickly to incidents or mitigate potential risks. These companies operate locally and can also help you build relationships with neighbors. Besides handling property security in Indonesia, a property management company can also provide cleaning services and care for facilities and bookings if you rent your property.

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Property security in Indonesia costs

The costs for security services are contingent upon the duration of coverage required. Opting for 24-hour surveillance mandates the employment of three security guards, although most properties in Indonesia opt for nighttime protection, which necessitates only one security personnel. Per prevailing standards, a security guard in Indonesia receives an average monthly salary of IDR 3.6 million ($227).

Can foreigners trust the Indonesian police?

Foreigners living in Indonesia may be more likely to become crime victims than locals, as they may be perceived as having more valuable possessions. When becoming a victim, you can contact the Indonesian National Police by calling 110. Foreigners can trust the Indonesian police to enforce the law and maintain public order. Most police officers are honest, professional, and helpful to foreigners.

It’s essential to note that there may be corruption within the police. You can do the following to minimize the risk of suffering from police corruption:

  • Ensure you understand local laws, the legal system, and the cultural norms in Indonesia.
  • Use official channels when contacting the police.
  • Keep records of interactions with police, including the date, time, and name of the police officer.
  • Report incidents of corruption to appropriate authorities, like the National Police Commission or the Anti-Corruption Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi).
  • Seek advice from a local lawyer or legal advisor if you need clarification on a specific situation.

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Property security in Indonesia is an essential consideration for property owners. This tropical paradise offers many opportunities for foreign investors, but it is always important to secure your investment. While the crime rate is relatively low, the incidence of burglaries and non-violent break-ins necessitates proactive measures to ensure property security in Indonesia. This includes regular property upkeep, establishing community connections, getting insurance, enhancing property security measures, and hiring experienced property management firms. A strong focus on property security in Indonesia can ensure a safe and rewarding property ownership experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Indonesia have property rights?

Yes, Indonesia has various laws involving property rights, amongst which is the right of foreigners to own property through different ownership structures such as leasehold or a PT PMA.

What are the security issues in Indonesia?

Indonesia is prone to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. In addition, some areas with high crime rates or social unrest give rise to a threat of violence and property theft.

How safe is living in Indonesia?

Indonesia is generally a safe country to live in, but it has risks. It is prone to natural disasters and the risk of serious crimes such as robbery. It would be best always to take basic precautions to mitigate these risks.

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