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5 essential tips to improve property security in Jakarta

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Do you want to improve your property security in Jakarta? While Jakarta is known for being unsafe, this is far from the truth. Though foreigners are not mainly targeted by crime, they may still become victims alongside locals. Nevertheless, following basic property security measures can ensure a secure stay in Jakarta.

How safe is Jakarta?

Like any other big city, Jakarta has its share of safety concerns. However, violent crime against foreigners is relatively rare. As a visitor or resident in Jakarta, taking basic safety precautions, such as being aware of your surroundings, not carrying large amounts of cash or valuable items, and avoiding poorly lit areas at night, is vital. 

Jakarta emergency hotlines

Jakarta has several emergency hotlines that can be useful in times of need. 

  • Tourist police: +62 (0)21 526 4073
  • Police: 111 or 112
  • Ambulance and rescue services: 118 or 119
  • Fire emergencies: 113

Tourists and residents must know these emergency hotlines and keep them handy in unforeseen circumstances.

5 tips to secure your property in Jakarta

Property security in Jakarta is essential to protect yourself and your belongings from burglars and thieves. You can take several steps to ensure your property’s safety and security. Below are five tips to improve your property security in Jakarta.

1. Know your neighbors

Developing a positive relationship with your neighbors can improve property security in Jakarta. Neighbors can act as a watchdog, watching your property when you are not around in case of suspicious activity. Building a sense of community with your neighbors can also encourage them to be more vigilant and actively prevent crime in the area. Fostering a friendly relationship with your neighbors can go a long way in securing your property in Jakarta.

2. Avoid attention

It means taking simple precautions like not displaying expensive items in plain sight or leaving valuables unattended. It is also advisable to avoid being too flashy, such as showing large signs that advertise your wealth. Being mindful of who you allow to enter your property is also essential. Always maintain a low profile and do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself, as this can make you a potential target for criminals.

3. Install lights and security cameras

Outdoor well-placed lights can deter potential intruders and make it easier for neighbors or security personnel to spot suspicious activity. Property security cameras in Jakarta can also be a valuable tool for monitoring. With the advancement of technology, you can access security cameras remotely through mobile devices. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the cameras and lights are maintained and functioning correctly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

property security in jakarta

4. Install secure locks 

Ensure all entry points, including windows and doors, have secure locks. Consider installing deadbolts or smart locks that you can control remotely. It’s also a good idea to change locks when a new tenant moves in, as you never know who might have a copy of the old keys. If you have a gate, ensure it has a secure lock. Remember to check the locks on any storage areas or garages as well. Keeping them updated and safe can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized entry into your property.

5. Hiring a security guard

Another security measure is hiring a security guard. Trained and vigilant security guards can deter criminal activities and respond quickly to security threats. It also provides peace of mind for property owners, knowing their assets are monitored and protected. 

How much does a security guard in Jakarta cost?

Security guards in Jakarta earn an average salary of IDR 81,000 ($5.10) per hour. Hiring a security guard can be a great way to improve your property security in Jakarta.

Best option: Outsource property security

For your peace of mind, outsourcing property security to a property manager is the best alternative for protecting your property. They have the expertise and resources to offer a comprehensive security plan and will provide you with trained security personnel. They are also cost-effective, eliminating the need to hire and train security personnel. Lastly, partnering with a reputable property manager can enhance your property’s reputation, providing residents, tenants, and visitors with a safer environment.

Want to know more? Make things easier for yourself, and talk with our property manager to discuss the possibilities for your property in Jakarta.

Outsourcing property security in Jakarta

Are you looking to improve your property security in Jakarta? Own Property Abroad can assist you with all aspects related to properties. Our expertise in the local market enables us to guide legal requirements, property searches, deal negotiations, due diligence, property management, and property security in Jakarta.

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It is crucial to maintain and improve property security in Jakarta. To prevent any unwanted incidents, investing in high-quality security measures should be a priority. Effective security systems can increase the attractiveness of your property to potential tenants. You can work with a property management company that provides security services and ensures your property is well-maintained and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to buy property in Jakarta?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy property in Jakarta as long as due diligence is performed. Ensure the property has a clear title, verify the seller’s credibility, and comply with all legal requirements. It’s advisable to consult with a reputable property lawyer or real estate agent.

What should I be careful of in Jakarta?

In Jakarta, be cautious of traffic congestion, flooding during the rainy season, and areas with high noise levels. Regarding property, be vigilant about ensuring legal compliance, property authenticity, and understanding local Jakarta property laws.

What are the concerns regarding property security in Jakarta?

Concerns regarding property security in Jakarta include potential burglary, theft, and trespassing. Properties may also be at risk during political demonstrations or civil unrest, although these are relatively infrequent.

Why is it important to improve property security in Jakarta?

Improving property security in Jakarta is important to protect against crime, maintain property value, and ensure the safety of residents. Enhanced security measures can also contribute to a sense of community well-being and deter unlawful activities.

Your guide to buying property in Jakarta

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Your guide to buying property in Jakarta

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