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Real estate news in the Philippines

Rising demand for homes near Philippine airports, data shows

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During the first quarter of 2024, there has been a significant increase in the demand for luxurious homes in the Philippine cities with international airports. This trend has opened up attractive investment opportunities for foreign buyers. The local economy is recovering, and with the increased air travel, cities such as Angeles, Mabalacat, and Lapu-Lapu are becoming popular locations for high-end residential properties.

Robust growth in premium real estate near airports in Pampanga and Cebu

Cities located near international airports, such as Clark International in Pampanga and Mactan Cebu International Airport, are experiencing a significant increase in real estate inquiries. Homes priced between ₱ 6 million ($102,000) and ₱ 20 million ($340,000), particularly those in upscale areas, have seen growth rates ranging from 19% to an impressive 54%. Angeles and Mabalacat have emerged as hotspots for property investment, with a year-on-year increase in demand of 54% and 27%, respectively. This growth is closely linked to the revival of commercial activities and the growing air travel industry, making these areas attractive for property investment.

International appeal driving market vibrancy

The demand for luxury real estate in the Philippines is currently high, with a lot of interest coming from major cities such as Los Angeles, Brisbane, and Singapore. This interest is particularly focused on Lapu-Lapu, a city in the Visayan region of the country known for its high-end condominiums. The attention from foreign investors highlights the potential for profitable rental yields, making it an attractive option for those considering property leasing opportunities.

Emerging hotspots and infrastructure development

Mabalacat and other emerging areas like Subic are becoming important investment destinations due to their proximity to major infrastructure developments and international airports. The construction of the North-South Commuter Railway and other connectivity improvements are expected to increase land values, making it more attractive for potential investors. Subic, for instance, has seen a significant increase in the availability of high-end homes, making it an appealing market for those interested in investing in real estate.

Foreign investors have a prime opportunity to invest in the Philippine real estate market, which is rich with potential and strategically positioned for significant capital appreciation. The combination of increasing demand for upscale homes, robust international interest, and strategic infrastructure developments makes investing in Philippine real estate near international airports a compelling choice.

The real estate industry in the Philippines is undergoing significant changes due to economic recovery and infrastructure advancements. Thus, it is an ideal time for foreign investors to consider investing in this flourishing market. The Philippines provides a hospitable and favorable environment for international investors, making it a prime location for expanding real estate portfolios in Southeast Asia.

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Written by Matt Timmermans

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