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Overview of the Portugal Golden Visa changes of 2022


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Since its launch in 2012, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has been one of the most successful residency-by-investment initiatives worldwide. Nevertheless, Portugal’s Golden Visa changed in 2022. In addition, Portuguese news reports discussions surrounding more significant developments, which can be overwhelming for newcomers.

What are Portugal’s Golden Visa changes in 2022?

Those who want to acquire Portuguese citizenship by investment should take note of the following Portugal Golden Visa changes of 2022.

Golden Visa restrictions in selected areas

As of the beginning of 2022, certain limitations were in place on the property requirements for Golden Visa for Portugal, specifically in major urban areas like Lisbon, Porto, and the coastal Algarve region. It will no longer be possible for individuals to acquire real estate in these highly desirable locations as part of the Golden Visa Program. Using Portugal’s Golden Visa changes 2022 map will help you oversee which areas are available for investment. 

Increase in minimum investment amount

The minimum investment thresholds also rise, which is essential to know for those wanting Portugal citizenship. For capital transfers, the minimum amount has increased from €1 million ($1.09 million) to €1.5 million ($1.64 million).

Regarding investment funds, the minimum investment amount has been raised from €350,000 ($381,500) to €500,000 ($545,000). Similarly, the research and development category now requires a minimum investment of €500,000 ($545,000), up from the previous threshold of €350,000 ($381,500).

Regarding job and company creation, the minimum incorporation amount has also been elevated from €350,000 ($381,500) to €500,000 ($545,000). However, the number of jobs required to fulfill this criterion remains at five, unchanged from before.

Is the Portugal Golden Visa still available or ending?

The government is considering the program’s abolition or a substantial increase in the minimum investment amount. It does not mean that the program is definitely at an end. It is important to note that applications for Portugal citizenship requirements or residency will only be until the 1st day of July 2023. These developments highlight the evolving nature of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal and the need for applicants to always look out for updates. 

When did Portugal Golden Visa’s new rules come into effect?

The Portugal Golden Visa changes took effect on the 1st day of January 2022. 

portugal golden visa changes 2022

What you should expect from Portugal Golden Visa changes of 2022

If you are new to the Golden Visa Program, it can be overwhelming to discover that significant changes have occurred. One moment, you may search for information on “What is Golden Visa,” and the next, you find out about the program’s significant modifications. To help, you should anticipate the potential impacts of the Portugal Golden Visa changes in 2022. Since popular areas like Lisbon and Porto are now off-limits to residential real estate, you must explore alternative locations or investment options outside these high-demand areas by using for Portugal’s Golden Visa changes 2022 map.

Since the minimum investment thresholds increase for various categories within the Golden Visa for Portugal, investors should prepare for higher capital transfer amounts, increase subscription amounts for investment funds, and elevate Portugal’s Golden Visa requirements for research and development projects and job creation.

Are there Portugal Golden Visa changes in 2023?

There is speculation regarding the potential abolition of the Golden Visa Program or significant modifications in the future. Investors should closely monitor official announcements and stay informed about any proposed changes impacting their investment plans. It is important to note that the Golden Visa Program will only accept applications until the 1st day of July 2023. Investors, especially those still complying with Portugal citizenship requirements, should consider this timeframe when planning their investment and application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Portugal getting rid of the Golden Visa?

Speculation exists regarding the potential abolition or doubling of the minimum investment threshold of Portugal’s Golden Visa Program. However, no definitive legislation is in place to determine the program’s future.

Is Portugal going to stop Golden Visas and new Airbnbs?

There are discussions but no final determination on whether the Golden Visa will finally reach its end. Similarly, there is a prohibition in granting new licenses for Airbnbs except in less populated rural areas. 

Which city is best for Golden Visa Portugal after the 2022 changes?

Exploring cities such as Braga, Coimbra, Alentejo, or smaller towns that offer attractive investment opportunities and meet the updated program requirements could be a promising strategy for obtaining a Golden Visa for Portugal.

Will the changes affect existing applications or current Golden Visa holders?

Existing Golden Visa holders will not experience any impact or changes to their status. They can continue complying with Portugal’s Golden Visa requirements to acquire residency and citizenship.

Written by Monisa Ruth Simon

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