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Security for your rental property in Portugal

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Security for rental property in Portugal is essential, as security issues are the last thing visitors worry about when renting property. While Portugal is among the most peaceful countries in the world, as a property owner, you should remain cautious and prioritize safeguarding your property. Adhering to basic safety precautions makes your property more attractive to potential guests. Here are the top strategies for property security in Portugal. 

What are the biggest security risks for a rental property in Portugal?

The level of security for rental property in Portugal may vary depending on the location. Conducting a thorough assessment and seeking local advice can provide valuable insights into specific security concerns in a particular region or city.

Burglary and theft

Like any other place, rental properties in Portugal are common targets for burglars and thieves. Poorly secured properties, especially those in popular areas such as Lisbon, may be particularly vulnerable. While theft on real estate properties is not common in Portugal, having sturdy doors and installing security and alarm systems to deter potential burglars is still essential.

Unauthorized occupancy

There is a risk of unauthorized occupants staying in your rental property, especially if proper tenant screening procedures are not followed. It can lead to property damage or even illegal activities. Thoroughly vetting and verifying potential tenants can help mitigate this risk.

Human error

Carelessness sometimes gets the best of us. Human error is a common risk for rental property. This risk arises from mistakes individuals make, such as improper locking of doors and disregarding safety guidelines. These errors can lead to break-ins and accidents. To mitigate this risk, it is crucial for both property owners and tenants to prioritize attentiveness and ensure adherence to protocols for property security in Portugal and foster a culture of responsibility.

Keep your rental property in Portugal safe with these free security measures

You don’t always have to purchase thousands of security systems for property management in Portugal. Here are two ways to enhance protection and security for rental property in Portugal.

1. Know your neighbors

By building rapport, neighbors can act as a watchful eye, safeguarding your property in your absence and reporting any suspicious activities. Cultivating a sense of community can also encourage increased vigilance and proactive crime prevention efforts. Establishing friendly relationships with your neighbors is a valuable step in ensuring the safety of your property in Portugal.

2. Try to avoid attention

Thieves typically assess a property based on its outside appearance. The more extravagant your outdoor displays are, the more you attract unwanted attention. It is prudent to avoid showcasing valuable possessions. By being discreet and steering clear of activities that attract unwanted attention, you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a target for criminals.

4 tips for the best property security in Portugal

Below are four tips for the best security for rental property in Portugal.

Tip 1: Install a security system

Surveillance is critical to making your property safe. Having a security system that includes high-quality locks, burglar alarms, fire alarms, and, most importantly, video surveillance deters potential intruders and alerts you immediately in case of a breach. Including video surveillance is crucial as it serves as a deterrent and provides valuable evidence, such as video footage, that can aid law enforcement authorities in apprehending culprits. Investing in a reliable security system can significantly increase the protection of your property in Portugal.

There are a lot of well-reviewed home security in Portugal, such as Securitas Direct, Prosegur, and Verisure. Starter kits for security cameras in Portugal can start from €300 ($327), or you can opt for monthly subscriptions at €40 ($43.60).

camera security for rental property in portugal

Tip 2: Having safes

It is advisable to have a safe, especially if you are renting out your property. Guests have additional protection for their valuable belongings and important documents. By securely storing items such as cash, jewelry, and passports, you help minimize the theft risk. 

Safes come in various sizes and can be chosen based on specific needs and the type of items you wish to protect. Opt for a safe with fire and water resistance for added security. It can cost as low as €300 ($327) to €1,100 ($1,199).

Tip 3: Buy an insurance

Buying property insurance offers financial security and peace of mind in the face of accidents. Property insurance typically covers risks such as fire, theft, and natural disasters, depending on the policy. You can mitigate the financial impact of liability claims by obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage. It is essential to carefully review and understand the insurance policy’s terms, coverage limits, and exclusions. We advise hiring a lawyer specializing in property insurance to assist you in checking the insurance policy. Their expertise can help you understand any potential pitfalls, exclusions, or legal implications within the policy.

Basic insurance policies typically start at approximately €83 ($90.47) annually, while multi-risk policies begin at around €100 ($109) annually. 

Tip 4: Hire a property management company

In the aftermath of a security incident, we often recognize the significance of adopting measures to safeguard our property. It is why you should enlist the services of a property management company. These companies perform routine security assessments and can proactively implement essential security systems to prevent potential crimes. In addition to deterring would-be intruders, they can address problematic tenants or renters who may pose a security risk, thereby ensuring your property’s overall safety and security.

The cost of property management in Portugal can vary based on the specific services you require. Generally, property managers in Portugal charge around 20% of your rental income as their property management fees.

Cost of security for rental property in Portugal

There are many factors when computing costs for security for rental property in Portugal. Expenses may include installing security systems ranging from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Ongoing prices may consist of monitoring services, with fees varying based on the level of monitoring required. It is essential to carefully evaluate your security needs and budget to find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for protecting your property in Portugal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much should I expect to pay for home security in Portugal?

The cost of home security in Portugal can vary depending on the specific security measures you choose and the size of your property. On average, homeowners can expect to pay several hundred to a few thousand euros for home security systems and services.

Are security systems in Portugal worth it?

Yes, security systems in Portugal are worth it as they provide additional protection and peace of mind. Investing in a reliable security system can help avoid potential intruders, alert you to any breaches, and help ensure the safety and security of your home.

Do you need permission for security cameras in Portugal?

Permission is optional for security cameras in Portugal installed on your private property and which only monitor the property itself. However, permission is necessary if you want surveillance on public spaces such as streets or sidewalks.

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