Economic slowdown in the Thai real estate market offers opportunities

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Thailand’s real estate market is currently facing significant challenges due to an economic slowdown, rising household debt, and stricter lending criteria imposed by financial institutions. These factors have led to a decline in the performance of real estate companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the first quarter of 2024 compared to […]

Thailand’s property transfers plunge 13% in early 2024, signaling buyer’s market

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The residential property market in Thailand has experienced a significant slowdown, with a 13% decrease in property transfers compared to the same period last year. This decline represents the most substantial dip since 2018, with only 72,954 units transferred in the first quarter of 2024. This decrease indicates reduced demand and suggests a cooling off […]

Thailand plans new Schengen-like visa to attract tourists and boost property markets

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Thailand has collaborated with five neighboring countries to introduce a Schengen-style visa system, which has the potential to reshape travel dynamics across Southeast Asia. This initiative could benefit real estate investors by making regional properties more accessible and profitable. Easing travel across borders in Southeast Asia Thailand, along with Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos, […]

Bangkok’s real estate market struggles, while outskirts are experiencing price hikes

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Amidst the changing economic landscape and the slow recovery from the pandemic, Bangkok’s real estate sector presents exclusive opportunities for foreign investors. With developers reevaluating their strategies and suburban areas in Thailand becoming popular hotspots, comprehending the current dynamics can unearth potential for those interested in investing in Thai property. Rethinking investment strategies amid economic […]

Thai luxury condo market skyrockets mainly due to rising land prices in Bangkok

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The luxury condominium market in Thailand is growing rapidly, with recent developments reaching unprecedented heights in both cost and demand. This sector is setting a new standard for luxury living in Bangkok and is attracting affluent buyers from all over the world. As investment opportunities continue to expand, international investors are increasingly interested in this […]

Thai economy is set to boom, indicating the prime time for foreign real estate investors

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Thailand’s economy is expected to experience a substantial growth rate of over 4% this year, primarily due to a series of aggressive measures aimed at stimulating the property sector. This growth represents a valuable opportunity for foreign real estate investors to tap into one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic markets. Stimulus measures propel the property […]

Chinese investors retreat from Thailand’s property market

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For years, Thailand’s real estate market has been buoyed by a steady influx of Chinese investment, with nationals from the world’s second-largest economy snapping up luxury condos and apartments. However, a new trend is emerging as Chinese investors, pinched by an economic downturn at home, are now buying less property in Thailand. This shift marks […]