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From water to power: Managing property utilities in Jakarta

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Problems from investing in real estate in Jakarta continue once construction is over. In addition to managing various aspects of the property, ensuring access to essential utilities like water, electricity, and internet becomes crucial. This article delves into the intricacies of obtaining access to property utilities in Jakarta, addressing potential problems, and guiding on managing these vital resources effectively.


To access tap water in Jakarta, the first step is to contact the local water utility company, Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) Jaya, to initiate the water connection process. Provide the necessary documents to the water utility company, such as a copy of your property ownership or lease agreement and identification documents. Pay the required connection fees and deposits as specified by PDAM Jaya. 

Once the paperwork and payments are complete, a representative from PDAM Jaya will visit your property to install the water meter and connect it to the main water supply.

After the installation, you can access tap water by simply turning on the water faucets on your property. It’s essential to regularly check and pay the water bills on time to ensure continuous access to tap water in Jakarta.

How much does the house water bill in Jakarta cost?

The cost of the house water bill in Jakarta can vary depending on factors such as the size of the property and the amount of water consumed. The following are the water tariff rates in Jakarta:

  • 0-10 cubic meters = IDR 4.900 ($0,33)
  • 11-20 cubic meters = IDR 6.000 ($0,40)
  • 20 cubic meter = IDR 7.450 ($0,50)

Can you drink tap water?

No, it is generally not recommended to drink tap water in Jakarta. The tap water in Jakarta may not meet the safety standards for drinking, and we recommend opting for bottled water instead. 

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To get electricity in your house in Jakarta, apply for an electricity connection by visiting the nearest office of Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), the state-owned electricity company. After completing your application, you will schedule an appointment to install an electricity meter and connect to the power grid. Once the connection is complete, you can access electricity in your house in Jakarta. It is essential to regularly monitor your electricity consumption and pay monthly bills to ensure uninterrupted service.

Prepaid electricity

PLN has implemented a system of prepaid electric meters known as prayabar. To ensure electricity supply, users can purchase using their online banking account, mini markets, post office, and online platforms such as Traveloka. By monitoring your electrical usage for a few months, you can estimate the required pre-payment amount by entering the 12-digit meter number and the corresponding 20-digit payment receipt number into the Prepaid Meter’s keypad (MPB), which also provides access to consumption information.

prepaid electricity meter in jakarta

Are electrical outages common in Jakarta?

Power disruptions are expected in Jakarta, especially during rainfall, when tropical storms can damage connections, cables, and power lines. Rolling brownouts and outages are increasing due to inadequate production capacity to meet consumer demands. 

Cost of electricity in Jakarta

The price of electricity in Jakarta is IDR 1.450 ($0.098) per kWh for households and IDR 1.125 ($0.076) for businesses. 

Waste disposal

The Environmental Agency (DLH) at the local government level primarily oversees waste management in Jakarta. However, there are concerns regarding inadequate waste management practices, leading to a significant portion of waste ending up in illegal landfills. To address this issue, exploring partnerships with private waste management companies can offer a potential solution to improve Jakarta’s overall waste management system and ensure proper waste disposal and recycling practices. Collaborating with private companies can bring expertise, resources, and efficient waste management strategies to tackle the challenges faced by the city.

How much do private waste management companies cost?

The expenses for these services fluctuate based on the number of individuals in a household but generally amount to less than IDR 1.8 million ($120) annually.


Gas cylinders are widely considered the optimal choice for cooking purposes. They are available from various suppliers, including gas companies, hardware stores, and supermarkets. 

How much do gas cylinders cost in Jakarta?  

A 12 kg gas cylinder costs about IDR 87.000 ($5,85), and a 5.5 kg of gas costs IDR 88,000 ($5,9).


In Jakarta, there is a wide selection of internet service providers (ISPs) such as CBN, Neuviz, and GlobalXtreme. These ISPs offer a range of internet plans with varying speeds, data limits, and pricing to accommodate different requirements and budgets. 

How much does the internet cost in Jakarta?

Internet providers offer services for an average monthly price of IDR 1 million ($70).

property utilities in jakarta

Work with a property manager in Jakarta

When you let a property manager take care of your property utilities, you save time and reduce stress. Imagine no more worries about bookings, cleaning, or talking to guests. The property manager ensures check-ins and check-outs go smoothly, keeps your property safe, and handles all reservations. You can also outsource only one of these tasks to a property manager in Jakarta.

Want to know more? Make things easier for yourself, and talk with our property management consultant to discuss the possibilities for your property in Jakarta.

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Installing utilities in Jakarta is exhausting, especially if you are a foreigner. Engaging the services of property managers will make this process easier. They can effectively handle the bureaucratic aspects, communicate with utility providers, and ensure a smooth installation of essential services such as electricity, water, and internet. Property owners can save time and have peace of mind by relying on property managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Jakarta source its water?

Jakarta water utilities source its water from rivers, lakes, and springs. It primarily obtains its water supply from two primary sources: the Jatiluhur and Saguling reservoirs in West Java.

How much are utilities in Indonesia?

The cost of utilities in Indonesia can vary depending on factors such as location and, most significantly, consumption levels. You can expect to spend around a minimum of only $100 for utilities.

Why are houses in Jakarta expensive?

The scarcity of land in Jakarta leads to higher housing costs. The city’s status as a prominent economic center results in a strong demand for commercial properties and residential accommodations.

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