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Property maintenance and repair costs in Indonesia

property repairs in indonesia

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What do you know about the maintenance and repair costs in Indonesia? Constant maintenance is vital for Indonesian properties to remain profitable. Not directly solving minor issues can lead to costly repairs in the future. Therefore, knowing the associated maintenance costs is crucial before starting a property development project in Indonesia.

Housing repairs in Indonesia

Taking care of a house in Indonesia is always challenging. Foreigners in Indonesia can find this quite tricky, especially when dealing with language barriers. Communicating what repairs you need may involve technical terms that cannot be easily translated to local workers.

In Indonesia, it is essential to prioritize housing repairs to address critical issues that may arise. It is common for properties in Indonesia to have problems involving electricity and plumbing, including blackouts, unfunctional toilets, clogged drains, and broken electrical appliances. 

It’s essential to solve these issues quickly once they arise, as ignoring them can cause them to add up and potentially require significant repairs. Spending a little money on timely maintenance is better than allowing the issues to worsen by not addressing them.

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Are you responsible for property maintenance and repairs when you lease?

Depending on the lease, foreigners may have to pay for some or all of the upkeep costs. Most of the time, the owner takes care of major building problems like leaky roofs, broken air conditioning, walls that bulge or crack, or problems with the water supply. As the renter, fixing things like leaking taps or minor gadget problems will be up to you.

Even though this is the rule, your lease agreement may say something different. Some contracts also let renters wait to pay until the landlord fixes things that need fixing. It’s recommended that you carefully review your lease agreement on responsibility and liability to avoid potential financial problems in the future.

average house repair costs indonesia

Property maintenance and repair costs in Indonesia

Spending money on getting skilled workers is important because it will save money in the long run. By hiring experienced workers, you can keep your property in good shape and make sure it’s profitable. Here are the usual hourly wages of a few Indonesian workers:

  • Plumber earns IDR 128,000 ($8.06) per hour
  • Electrician earns IDR 135,000 ($8.51) per hour
  • Carpenter earns IDR 102,250 ($6.44) ($6,83) per hour
  • Handyman earns IDR 92,500 ($5.83) ($6,18) per hour
  • Pest control earns IDR 73,000 ($4.60) per hour
  • Pool maintenance earns IDR 105,000 ($6.62) per hour
  • Groundskeeper earns IDR 90,000 ($5.67) per hour

Electricians and plumbers in Indonesia charge more because they are skilled workers, and paying the amount they are worth is advisable. Remember that these rates can change based on how long a person has been doing the job.

Tip for house owners in Indonesia: Plan your maintenance

When owning property in Indonesia, it’s smart to consider possible problems to ensure the renters are safe and happy. It’s better to schedule repairs once a month or once a year so problems can be found before they get worse. Maintenance that isn’t done can lead to early wear and tear, leading to major issues that can be expensive to solve.

What is the easiest way to take care of property maintenance in Indonesia?

You might have too much to do to care for your property. If you have trouble keeping up with all the chores, you might want to hire a property manager. Property managers are experts who care for your problems and help keep your Indonesian home in good shape.

A property manager can handle cleaning, simple fixes, and maintenance tasks. They will find a good handyman in Indonesia who can fix everything that needs to be fixed. But they also take care of things like taking reservations and greeting guests. Hiring a property manager will take a lot of the stress out of taking care of your property.

Maintain your property in Indonesia with Own Property Abroad

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the building maintenance costs in Indonesia?

Building maintenance costs in Indonesia vary greatly depending on factors such as the building’s size, location, age, and the level of service required. The average could range from IDR 50,000 ($3.15) to IDR 150,000 ($9.45) per square meter per year for buildings.

How are the maintenance charges in Indonesia calculated?

Maintenance charges in Indonesia are typically calculated based on the size of the property (per square meter), the type of building (residential, commercial, or industrial), and the services provided. These include security, cleaning, repairs, utilities, and management fees. The specifics can be found in the building management agreement.

Is maintenance cost in Indonesia a fixed cost?

While maintenance costs can be estimated and budgeted for, they are not entirely fixed. They can fluctuate based on factors such as the need for unexpected repairs or upgrades, changes in service provider fees, or changes in utility costs. Therefore, planning for some variance in building maintenance budgets is crucial.

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